Friday, 13 July 2007

BNP Leadership Statement - Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin - The Leader of the British National Party

The BNP under my leadership has been transformed from political irrelevance to electable household name. We’re standing record numbers of candidates and getting record votes. Our administration has advanced from being an amateur shambles to an organisation which, although not perfect, punches well above its weight.

Our financial accountability systems have been praised by the Electoral Commission as a model for other parties. While the other big parties are millions of pounds in the red, the BNP is in the black. Personally, I have faced and bested Establishment heavyweights such as John Humphreys, Jeremy Vine, Jonathan Dimbleby, Gavin Esler and Jeremy Paxman.

While I welcome the opportunity this election gives to obtain a mandate to continue to steer the BNP on its current uniquely successful course, I believe his ‘challenge’ is not only a grubby affair involving lies and baseless smears but would, if successful, plunge our party back into the political Stone Age; it is not a serious proposal for a different way to run a successful party, but the last gasp effort of the pre-1999 ‘old guard’ to drag us back to their extremist past, bungling amateurism and guaranteed failure.

Mr. Jackson’s statement while seeking nominations was that I am “unacceptable to the National Front” and to other tiny extreme groups, and hence a block to ‘nationalist unity’. Well, I am very happy to be ‘unacceptable’ to anti-social extremists – are they the kind of people with whom you wish to be associated, let alone ‘united’?

Mr. Jackson wants to return to the old policy of compulsory repatriation. I am sure this would be political suicide - utterly ‘unsaleable’ to the vast majority of British voters. It would put our members at even greater risk of persecution as ‘racists’. It would strip us of all legal protection under Human Rights laws.

We are doing very well with our present position – a party with indigenous British membership only, calling for a halt to all further immigration, the expulsion of all illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, asylum seekers and Muslim religious extremists, combined with a system of voluntary resettlement grants and an end to welfare sponging and discrimination against British whites.

I am determined to maintain the present membership qualifications and policies, steering a sensible course between the twin follies of powerless racist extremism and civic nationalist liberalism.

Having inherited a frankly dictatorial constitution, I have worked steadily to reform and democratise it. First by creating the Advisory Council, with the power to call an EGM if it feels the leader is acting wrongly, then by handing control and oversight of party finances to a separate treasury office.

The latest improvement is the Voting Membership system, which won overwhelming support at Annual Conference as the best way possible to put power and responsibility in the hands of the local officials and activists whose tireless efforts push the party forwards.

It is my intention to continue the careful transfer to the Voting Members of key powers, including over policy-making and mechanisms to hold the leader and treasury department to account. But such powers should only go to those who have demonstrably earned them. Why should Johnny Come Lately loudmouths or bar-room patriots have as much say in the running of the BNP as you who do the work?

I fear Mr. Jackson’s proposals would condemn our Party to the sort of ‘one armchair, one vote’ liberalism that doomed previous nationalist parties to endless factional splits. The superficially reasonable proposal of electing key officials is in fact particularly foolish, for it would in my opinion lead to perpetual plotting and scheming to get different factions’ nominees into powerful posts; it would paralyse the party’s administration and allow a future wave of liberal refugees from the Tory Party or UKIP to put forward candidates who might look good but who would not in fact have the faintest grasp of nationalist ideology or a shred of loyalty to our Cause.

The BNP already has fully legitimate status in British law as a properly registered party and ‘unincorporated association’. To switch to being a corporate body would be a disastrous error, not least because it would make the entire leadership, and potentially the whole membership, jointly and individually liable for debts or legal problems facing individual party members. This proposal would make the BNP an easy target for scheming opponents and money-grubbing lawyers.

There will arrive a time when my term as leader of the British National Party should come to an end, and when someone better for the job is available. But this is not it; I ask you to vote for me, for the team that has brought us to where we are today, and for the steady hand on the tiller that will yet take us closer to our destination and our destiny.

Nick Griffin M.A.(Hons) Cantab.
Leader, British National Party

You can read the challengers statement here and also some very interesting comments.


Felicity said...

I'm sorry for NG having this in the middle of a crisis like a murdered activist.
He made the party electable and attractive to people who dont want gas chambers but want to retain our land.
I admire the NF for organising the recent protest against Islamic Fascism but the fact NG disagrees with so much of their fundamentalist policies is what makes me vote BNP.
A resounding vote for Griffin should shut up these UAF stooges once and for all.
Some folk cant see the wood for the trees.

Nationalist14 said...

Sometimes Mr griffins ineptitude boggles the mind, he presents as remarkably egotistical, whilst it would seem inexcusable, for Nick Bourne to disparage BNP members, it appears perfectly acceptable for Mr Griffin to disparage National front members and other nationalists. Mr Griffin should realise that the BNP do not represent the complete face of nationalism in this country. 14

Felicity said...

I hate to see ALL Nationalist organisations disparaged, I wish to God we could ALL agree and present a massive united friont against this filthy government and their Leftish Commie masters but the fact is that under Griffin the BNP has gone from strength to strength. More and more previously mainstream voters are hearing the message and realising that they aren't required to desecratate a Jewish cemetery to be an active proud Nationalist.
He may not represent the "complete" face of Nationalism, but he represents the acceptable one. Its all about winning not taking two steps back and frightening off new members who want to see the back of Islam but would baulk at herding toddlers onto trucks?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Chris Jackson mentioned the National Front in his statement, although I don't agree with this I do strongly feel that NG needs to be reminded that the BNP belongs to the members and is not his personal property.

I can't remember NG being around in 1982 when I first become a member, or 1992 when like others had spent ten hard years fighting for British Nationalism. NG appears on the scene in 1997, and in 1999 takes over a going concern. Now he calls us old members dinosaurs...thanks Nick !
I'm afraid I've voted Chris Jackson becuase at least the guy in honest which you can't say about NG!

Cat said...

Whatever happens, whoever wins lets not shoot ourselves in the foot. This would delight searchies and Iman Ken Livingstone and have members desert us in droves just when the initials BNP dont send shudders down the backs of the schoolteachers, policemen and even ballet dancers who are voting for us for the first time in decades.

Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer-its as easy as that. Having tried "no platform", kangaroo court cases, vote and ballot rigging, as well as ignoring the BNP ever existed in the eyes of the media, the powers that be have set this one up. Lets all please be aware of this.

citrus said...

I emailed The National Front recently with a question regarding their membership requirements.
The reply was illiterate and unsigned, this did not inspire confidence.
I agree with Felicity...yes, we would be more effective hauling under the same banner. But let us remember that NG has manouvered the BNP into a postion of respectability as a mainstream party, and hopefully it will continue to gain credibility and votes as long as he is chairman.

Association with other nationalist parties (especially those with bad publc relations who are unable to give an intelligent answer to a legitimate question) is something the BNP can do without.

Nationalist14 said...

Felicity I see you have been taken in by egalitarian propaganda, indicated by your “toddlers onto trucks” comment. The simple fact is that nationalism in the eyes of our ruling elite has no acceptable face, and as an alternative to current orthodoxy we are “denied a platform”, in this respect winning is not a viable option. Change under such inequitable conditions can only come about by popular opposition, insurrection if you will. Mr Griffins disparaging of other nationalists, can and does cause considerable fracturing within nationalists ranks, which regrettably only serves to aid our enemies.

In endeavouring to present an acceptable face, Mr griffin is creating a facsimile of the Tory party of yester year, the same party that ignored Mr Powell’s prophetic warnings. Populism at this juncture is a most terrible path, given that those invading our country now openly call for our collective death. There is a place I feel for confrontational nationalism, which is as vitally important as academic nationalism, and equally as valid. Populism rather than aiding us in our liberation can only serve to usher in our demise. In times past, Mr Griffin has needed the protection of those he now seeks to disparage, and it is to be imagined that our country will once again have need of those now considered unacceptable. 14

Anonymous said...

I deal face to face with all types of joe public in my working day, from the ordinary Mr & Mrs Bloggs to the highly educated professional and to the Landed and Titled Gentry.

Ive been doing that for over 27 years, 6 days a week. 48 weeks a year. I'm self employed and offer a highly skilled unique service. There are very few that come close to what I do.

During that time Ive learnt how to sum up a person within 30 seconds to 3 mins. They dont need to speak to me, I read them from clothes, grooming, stance, body language, facial expression and the eyes, the gateway to the inner you. The real you.

I know who will be worthwhile dealing with, long term, and who will not. My business depends on that skill as well as my service skill.

BNP is an acceptable topic of conversation with my clients, more so in the past year.

Ive voted for Nick Griffin today and will continue to do so as long as he steers the BNP ship as well as he has done.

I haven't put years of time and effort into promoting the BNP to people you would never dream would find us acceptable just to see the BNP scuppered by some skulduggery hatched in the dark corners by manipulating persons who would heave a great sigh of relief to see the BNP sunk.

Think about it people, devious deeds are afoot.


The Green Arrow said...

I have said it before. I stood outside the prison where Robert Relf was imprisoned. I was there when Blair Peach died and did not shed a tear for him and I have been attacked by ANAL and SWP morons down Brick Lane and in Newport, South Wales.
I left because of the sealed knot society after talking to John Tyndall, who incidentally I admired greatly.

I only returned to the battle because Nick Griffin has shown the real way to obtain power is through the ballot box and not parading around in a nice little black number.

I wish the NF and BNP could resolve their differences but the NF should realise that a large majority of the public are incapable of handling the truth and would run back to the Tri-Axis parties if they thought the BNP was just another NF clone. No offence intended to the NF crowd.

Felicity said...

Nationalist 14, my heart believes in everything you have said about confrontational Nationalism. Events happen which drive me to utter rage like the recent tragic murder of keith Brown, killed for being white and proud of it. The hypocrisy of the MSM who failed to report the sickening gang rape of a 15yr old boy because the perpetrators were Muslim. There is no doubt a large and sinister network is using the barbarity of Islamists to grind us down in our own land.
Joe Public is waking up, its a drip drip effect though and perhaps better for that because when deadly anger and force is our last resort it will be just that swift and deadly.
I have no quarrel with the NF, they were out there fighting the good fight long before I chucked the Tories for the BNP.
I just dont feel the majority of the "New Nats" are ready for the somewhat blunt force trauma to the psyche that more fundamentalist Nationalists offer.
That said there is a place for all sorts if we could just give up the infighting. The more modedrate could hold in check the more pro-active and the situation reversed when the moderates need a boot up the bum.
I just dont think the BNP is broke, far from it, so why choose now to tinker with it?

Anonymous said...

Hell, why don't you guys use the good cop-bad cop routine to get what you all want? You know, the "good" moderate, respectable nationalists using the "bad" bloodthirsty nationalist motherfuckers as bogeymen to squeeze concessions out of the political establishment. Muslims in the UK are playing that game to get their way. Why not you?

The Green Arrow said...

I am with you on this Felicity. We do not have time for regimental competitiveness when the enemy are rushing our positions.

Anonymous said...

Well said Harry (anonymous), there is so much more to this than first meets the eye, the establishment have tried every other dirty trick short of assasination. If for no other reason, we should play our cards close to our chest, and certainly not get involved with disparaging comments towards other Nationalists, which can and will be used as a weapon against our collective love for the country. Keeping mum isnt so dumb, a saying that remains as true today as when fighting off another would be invader 60yrs ago. CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES.

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

Hey Yank! Vote Tancredo!

Tom Tancredo : "Nuke Mecca and Medina in the Event of a Nuclear Attack on the US.

“That is what they want, that is what they are looking for, to end Western civilization as we know it.”

IOWAPOLITICS.COM: OSCEOLA — Followers of radical Islam must be deterred from committing a nuclear attack on U.S. soil, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo said Tuesday morning, saying that as president he would take drastic measures to prevent such attacks.

“If it is up to me, we are going to explain that an attack on this homeland of that nature would be followed by an attack on the holy sites in Mecca and Medina,” the GOP presidential candidate said.

“That is the only thing I can think of that might deter somebody from doing what they would otherwise do. If I am wrong fine, tell me, and I would be happy to do something else. But you had better find a deterrent or you will find an attack. There is no other way around it. There have to be negative consequences for the actions they take. That’s the most negative I can think of.”

The harsh approach is vital in order to prevent a worldwide collapse, Tancredo told nearly 30 people Tuesday morning at the Family Table restaurant.