Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Call for block on BNP Plan to hold festival

Surprise, surprise. Well not really. Balbir Singh, Chairthing of Derby Racial Equality Council has called on Amber Valley Council to stop the British National Party, Red White and Blue festival.

Now I can understand a parasite that feeds of the taxpayer objecting. It is the excuse he uses to extort money from us, the taxpayers. Money he could never earn in his country of origin.

What I really object to is the like of the 30 residents who have sent letters to their local council objecting to this patriotic festival. They sound a bit like those creatures who objected to the small house purchased to assist our wounded soldiers recover in the company of their families on the grounds of security.

Shame on John Lumsden, who lives opposite one of the fields to be used. He helped to raise the petition, so far signed only by 30 residents. Do these people not care about Our Country? Or do they think that they will be OK where they are and that the changes to come if the BNP do not win will not affect them?

Anyhow go read the article about the RWB and leave a comment. There is no registration.


youdontknowme said...

The BNP are screwed on this one. Amber Valley aren't known for their common sense. During the floods I think they were the council that made residents pay £9.40 per sandbag.

Anonymous said...

So much for BNP-supporting Sikhs, eh? They are no keener to allow us to reclaim our country than the muslims.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if it really is "thirty residents" or a unit of dossers from UAF bussed in to swell the protest. Even at that, thirty isn't much?

Felicity said...

Either way it will be marvellous publicity if the grannies and kiddies with their sunhats/brolly's and pic-nic hampers get harassed by a bunch of Lefties and mouthy Jihadis.
The cartoon protests and death to the West placards are still fresh in the mind thanks to YouTube and bloggers sites which is where most young people get their news.
I trust the BNP will make huge capital out of any protest for a family fun day out?
it was a nice touch to have an "ethnic minority" bully boy to make the protest, shows Europe and the yanks what we're up against.
I couldn't have planned this better myself.