Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Police State Britain

British trained Zimbabwean Police ensuring democratic elections

Being an ex-serviceman and knowing a few police officers over the years, I used to have enormous respect for our Police Force. However that respect started to vanish, starting a few years ago.

It was the persecution of motorists that started it but that did not tip me over the edge. It was an elderly local shopkeeper whose life was made hell by a gang of young thugs. One as young as nine - since dead of heroin overdose and sadly no loss. It is true to say that one publican jumped on a table and danced on hearing of the child's death. Such was the damage and nuisance these monster caused. But the shopkeeper cracked one day after a window was smashed and grabbed a 14 year old rather forcibly. When the police arrived he was arrested and held in cells for several hours. Only intervention by the thugs single parent mother prevented it going to court.

Now this happened, not in a big city but a small village and everyone including the local police knew about the harassment this poor shop keeper had suffered. He closed his shop just after and now there are just boards on the windows.

Then with more and more examples of similar events being reported, I realised that the police were not the police of my youth. They were not ex-servicemen or disciplined people with common sense they were much like the thugs they now protect rather then do any real work. Yes, I know there some good ones but they are few and far between and have to keep very quiet or lose their jobs and pensions. The BNP members who would make good officers are prevented from joining as probably would be anyone found to have supported or even voted for them.

So it comes as no surprise to me that the Police Service is now and have been for some time, acting as the military wing of the Labour Party. Look at the events up in Birmingham. Police turning up at the doors of over four hundred people who had signed nomination papers for the British National Party. You can read more of how the honest, hardworking activists of the BNP have been persecuted over on their news site here.


Anonymous said...

They want your bits when you're dead, too.

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And see what I just dug out of the transplant industry's own propaganda websites

Celtic Morning said...

This should be a national scandal with huge headlines in all the papers and leading items on tv news and a far reaching enquiry into the police with heads eventually rolling. What do we get ? Not a bloody word . Its only the BNP , let them take it , good enough for them. The national scandal becomes a national disgrace - because our "democratic society" chooses to ignore it . "When they came for the BNP I did not protest , because I was not a member of the BNP " It seems the old idea of "I may not agree with what you have to say but will defend your right to say it " has long been forgotten by our ruling classes. But we have long since known that.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the "laughing policeman" from their childhood......

Now hum along everybody..
I am the laughing policeman, that put a ticket on your car, but should a nearby granny get mugged you see me running far....ha hahahaha, hahahahahaha,

I am the laughing policeman, I'm not afraid to say, that instead of catching burlars, I'm out there protecting gays.... hahahahaha,hahahahahaha,

I am the laughing policeman, paid to ban the BNP, while turning a blind eye, to every dealer I see....

it can go on......!!

Anonymous said...

Surely something that has to be forwarded to Tourist Boards throughout America and Europe. If you're white and a non drug user or a gay prostitute..... don't come to Britain unless you can borrow an Anti Nationalist T Shirt.
This appears to put Birmingham and Stoke -on- Trent and of course Luton off the map for white people.