Friday, 6 July 2007

Whoever kills an innocent Soul

Your going to see a lot of that phrase over the coming months. The turnips have been bribed or otherwise persuaded to try and clean up their image. And boy does it need cleaning. It has centuries of its own excrement stuck all over it.

Now the mad multicultrulists have realised that the True Brits are stirring in their sleep and need a little lullaby to send them back to sleep again. Until they are ready to cut our throats that is.

What better than reassuring them that the terror carried out by the Cult of the Dead Paedophile is nothing to do with Islam but just the work of a few individuals. Shh, go back to sleep.

So they get the turnips to trot out the well worn lie:

..Whoever kills an innocent soul.. it is as if he killed the whole of mankind, And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind” [The Quran, 5:32]

Now this style of spin is something we are now familiar with and no longer fools some of the people. We are wise to it and do our own research because we know the difficulty the Moslems and our Masters have in telling the truth.

"An innocent soul." But reading beyond the quoted passage (you know how important context is, after all), we learn what awaits those who not deemed innocent:

"The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter"
(Qur'an 5:33).

Yep they really know how to promote peace and the BNP really knows how to deal with liars and traitors. If you want justice then join and support the British National Party now.


najistani said...

The koran is full of contradictory statements which can only be resolved by 'abrogation' - that is later ones cancel out earlier ones.

I think you'll find that "..Whoever kills an innocent soul.. it is as if he killed the whole of mankind, blah, blah..”

is cancelled out by the later

"Kill the infidels wherever you find them"

Yet another load of taqiyya from the murderous Scummah and their moonbat enablers.

Dr C. Riyal Kilah said...

Greetings Kuffar pigs and monkeys,

You will see from our constitution ( )
that our obligations to your infidel NHS are

"2.1.1. To advance the Islamic religion in the practice of medicine in the United Kingdom"


"2.1.4. To promote the preservation and protection of the good health of Muslims in the United Kingdom."

There is no requirement to promote the preservation and protection of the good health of the Kuffar.

In fact, if Allah had intended us to preserve the health of the Kuffar, he would not have created MRSA.

I must go now as I have to move the Cobalt 60 gamma source into the maternity ward.

- Dr C. Riyal Kilah

P.S. It'll take more than an apple a day to keep us away.

Aurora said...

lol...Dr Riyal Kilah, very nice! I'm tempted to post this as a post in itself at my blog.
GA, great post. I love your writing style...Straight to the point. That verse out of the Kuran (about crucifixion and chopping off of hands) has got to be one of the most winning, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Surely the very fact that these "enrichers" decide to keep their traditions and dress instead of integrateing should be enough for dumb 'ol whitey to realise that they will (naturally) side with the terrorists, apart from the fact that they are religiously indoctinated as proven by the fanatical actions of the recent Glasgow attackers, another definate factor must be fear of retribution from their cultural leaders?

najistani said...

Just had a look at their website

"Phase III involves leveraging on the first two phases to engage our diverse communities to further interact constructively working together to fight the diseases of Islamophobia and racism that are a cancer in our society. In order to leverage, maintain, and sustain the impact from phase one and two there will be development of sites called "Café Islam" in partnership with high profile Mosques in the UK. The essence behind these sites would be to have permanent Islamic exhibitions, IT interactive displays and a resource directory set out in a relaxed and easily accessible environment. This is designed to be a mechanism to promote discussion and community cohesion, to improve race relations, and to foster tolerance and understanding of the diversities in our communities."

So it's Islamophobia and racism that are the cancer in our society, not Islamic terrorism .... ooops! Sorry Gordon, I meant 'non-Buddhist activism'

najistani said...

The out-of-context quote "..Whoever kills an innocent soul.. it is as if he killed the whole of mankind, And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind”

appears at the head of their homepage at (The domain name is a joke for a start)

For a full analysis of this stinking heap of taqiyya take a look at


Unfortunately many Kuffars will be taken in by this deception because they desperately want to believe that three failed car bombings have suddenly - after 1400 years of murder, rape, pillage, treachery, enslavement, extortion, mutilation and torture - tranformed Islam into something fluffy and cuddly.

We - the Islamically aware ones - need to inform our fellow Kuffars that Islam is, was, and always will be founded on deceit and lies.

As Mohammed said "War is deception" . Muslims model themselves on Mo and regard themselves as being in a permanent state of war with Dar al-Harb (i.e. you and me). Hence we must regard anything that Muslims tell us as deception.

As the Bible says, Allah was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies.