Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sarkozy - the truth revealed

Goodbye France

Well it seems that the French people were conned by Sarkozy and now we see where this Jewish Hungarians real loyalties lie. And they are not with France or Western Europe.

All along some of us have expressed doubts about his motives and now bit by bit they are revealed. He intends to deepen political ties with the Libya and its Dictator Moammar Gaddafi.

One of his detractors had this to say about Sarkozy;

'Sarkozy seems already to have forgotten that Gaddafi is a dictator,' the group said in a press statement. 'To deliver atomic energy technology to Libya means helping the country build nuclear weapons.'

Sarkozy was put up against the true French patriot Le Penn in order to prevent the declining French population from having a real nationalist prevent the spread of Islam and the control of the coalition of global finance and marxism that is destroying democracy.

As warned in previous posts, Sarkozy's real aim is to establish a Mediterranean Moslem grouping prior to it joining the European Union en bloc. Some French Patriot.

The French fell for him and his lies, much as the British people fell for Margaret Thatchers promises to stop immigration. Lies, lies and lies.

There is only one place that will tell you the real truth and that is the news site of the British National Party. Other than the T.V. listings you should doubt everything the MSM publish.
Why do you think they vilify Nick Griffin and only patriotic party in the country. Because the BNP are trying to warn you about the dangers we face.

Your Children and Your Country need you to make stand. Start by joining and donating to the BNP or one day pay the price of civil war.


Anonymous said...

If the French people do wake up, which is very likely, as they still engage in political conversation with each other as a matter of course, (unlike us Brits who have been encouraged to keep our politcial feelings to ourselves thus allowing dictatorships to flourish without risk of the people getting together), then I believe the guillotine is still kept sharp.

Paul said...

What a shame if France loses its great food, wine and art, all of these things are haram in Islam. Its such a stulted stultifying religion that everything that gave France its va va voom will vanish overnight.
I pity the English whiteflighters who bought a wreck, did it up and face losing everything once an immigrant takes a fancy to their vineyard,
The slum poverty of the Muslim masses is what awaits France unfortunately just across the water from us.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing is that France is an easy bombing
run away for the RAF, when they do finally fall at the feet of the fucking paedophile . I wonder where the French population will go as Australia and America are pretty full, well the inhabitable bits at any rate. Perhaps the can colonise central Australia, and take on the sand dwelling lifestyle of their conquerors back home in France. It would be almost poetic justice for the fools who did not vote for Le-Pen. Maybe just maybe they might wake up and fight back, but to be honest the French track record on that department has not been too impressive over the last 100 years.

Aberdeen WED

Anonymous said...

True Aberdeen, reverse gears were the only ones used last time round, when they weren't collaberating of course, (with a few honourable exceptions in the Resistance.)
It's not so long ago that British war graves were desecrated by Muslims and the perpetrators ignored by the french.
These brave men died to liberate them while they were hiding with the best wine in the cellars praying for Allied victory.

Celtic Morning said...

Sarko gets to power - and then changes track. Forgets all the tough talk and the hard promises and goes instead for the soft option.Its what politicians do, we shouldnt be suprised. Look at the Labour Party manifesto for the last election.They promised a referendum before any EU constitution would be signed but will we get one? Of course not.For they know they would be overwhelmingly defeated.Instead they choose to tell us that its not a constitution.No matter that more honest politicians in Europe admit that it is.Labour tells us its not-so its not.Black is white.Truth is lies.No wonder the population of Europe and Britain has become so weak and apathetic. We are comatose after sixty years of lies and more lies from political pygmies who have been unfit to lead.

MrSmith said...

On the note of the EU Constitution, I found out something a bit worrying over at Klein Verzet's place. I'll be posting on it at A Tangled Web later today, so do watch that space.