Friday, 13 July 2007

Nick Bourne - Guilty but one of the boys

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If you read the establishment controlled press and were one of those sheep people stupid enough to believe everything they write. You would mistakenly be going away with the impression that the Nick Bourne, The Leader of the Conservatives in that palatial parasite palace called the Welsh Assembly had done nothing wrong and was cleared of the complaints made against him.

But you are not one of the sheep people, you know where to look for the truth. Nick Bourne was found Guilty by the Standards Committee as reported here.

But despite referring to the British National Party, members and supporters as “a nasty, mean, distasteful and grubby bunch of sub-human flotsam and jetsam who we need to ensure do not prosper from the democratic process”. He was only found guilty of a trivial or inconsequential charge instead of what should have been an incitement to violence.

In the article on IC Wales, they state that a cross-party committee dismissed the complaints and says that the complaints were politically orchestrated. Not one word was said about the obviously offensive statement made by Bourne on his website.

The email from the Standards Committee clearly shows Bournes guilt. The BBC adds to the authority of the lie by stating that the Pink Doughnut was cleared but being a bit more savvy then the dim old valley boys who write for IC Wales took care not to publish the words used by Bourne. Beneath is the correspondence I received from the Standards Board.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Committee on Standards of Conduct met today to consider the complaint made against Nick Bourne AM, I am writing to inform you of the outcome of the Committee's considerations.

In Line with recommendation 7.10 (ii) of the Procedure for Dealing with Complaints against Assembly Members (a copy of which is attache the Committee has found:
"that a breach (of the Code of Conduct for Assembly Members) has been found but that it is trivial or inconsequential and that the complaint should be dismissed"

The Committee will now publish a report of its considerations and will lay it before the National Assembly - this will be available on the Assembly's Web-site in due course.

Yours sincerely
Gareth Rogers

Now this is where the fix comes in. The rules state that if the charge has been found proven, then in the case of a "trivial or inconsequential" complaint, then the member be given the chance to apologise and there will be no further action. But Bourne did not apologise, in fact he bragged about his use of the foul words and reiterated his opinion of the decent people of the BNP and his belief that they should not be permitted to be a part of the democratic process.

10.1 Where, during preliminary investigation, the facts are not disputed and the Member immediately rectifies or apologises for a failure of a minor nature the Commissioner may recommend to the Chair of the Standards Committee that a formal investigation should not be pursued. If the Chair agrees, the Commissioner shall inform the Member and the complainant that although a breach has been found no further action will be taken against the Member.

Now it seems to me that Bourne has admitted his guilt, refused to apologise and therefore should be punished. The Committee does not have the right to dismiss these complaints and the press certainly do not have the right to say that black is white and white is black.

Bourne incidentally is a big fan and friend of the Socialist Workers Party and Searchlight and the only thing that this pig wishes to conserve is his inflated salary and expenses.

So if you want the truth and think you can handle the truth then read the BNP News.

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Thats why they climb the greasy pole then the greasy hack writes what a great job they made of it?