Friday, 27 July 2007

A request from Scotland

Is this what you want? No. Then up off your knees.

Back last week in a post, I asked what they were teaching Our Children. This was in response to a 33 page survey about Islam, with over a 100 questions that had been handed out to 7 year olds. More here.

Now I have received an email from one of the BNP's best Organisers. Aberdeen. And he is requesting help. I hope one of you out there can assist. Here is the mail.

Hi Lad's & Lassies ( well it is from Scotland)
My daughter came home from school with the usual carrier bag of school work she had done over the term, prior to going on holiday. Like any good parent I spent time going through what she had learnt, and the work she had done giving the usual glowing parents praise.
One of the last items I came across was a A4 Booklet type worksheet8 pages long entitled, Islam, Muslim Faith.
My Daughter is 10 year old, and in primary six going into seven after summer, so just one year away from secondary school..
The Booklet goes on to describe
  1. How Allah, is the supreme God, who created, and rules everything. The heart of faith for all Muslims is obedience to Allah's will
  2. The basic belief of Islam is that there is only one God, who's name is Allah, in the Arabic Language and who is the sole and sovereign ruler of the universe
The Booklet then ask,s my daughter to answer questions (
Obviously their must have been prolonged talk on Muhammad's finer points)
Q1 What sort of Qualities would you have as a leader. Can you think of three.
A 1 Being helpful A2 Good at Speking ( Note spelling) A3 Strong
Q2 What Qualities did Muhammad show as a leader, Can you think of three
A1 Brave A2 Strong A3 Good speker (spelling again)
Then we move on to a week long timetable describing what my daughter does Morning Afternoon Evening. This she says was then compared to what Muslims do on a daily basis.
Then onto, a printed page showing the prayer position, and describing how Muslims face Mecca and pray 5 times every day. My daughter had to the describe (In a different sheet) Muslim prayer times.
We then move onto another sheet with diagrams of a Muslim washing, and praying with a compass.
And finally to make the worksheet/booklet more child friendly their is two pictures of a prayer mat for the children to colour in.
My daughter says they also did lessons on Muslim marriage, had stories read to the class, etc etc.
Now my daughter is one of the Brighter ones in her class and her spelling is clearly lacking, none of her other work sent home contained anything about British or Scottish history, last year they did a little bit on Victorian times.
Now I am deeply concerned that basic schooling is being pushed aside to make space for the PC brigade indoctrinated Islamic studies. The fact their is no mention of Muhammad being a paedophile, the honour killings, sex grooming etc. I feel this is just a way to brainwash our children into accepting Islam as acceptable in our country.
What I am writing to you good people for is help in making up a leaflet that I can distribute to all the parents at my daughters school. Something hard hitting legal, but damaging to the PC brigades drive to brain wash our children in all things anti British. Perhaps one of your groups have already done something similar.
Anyway I am not the best writer in the world and I want this too look good and reflect well on the BNP. So any help even little bits you think should be included would be of great help. I know that this has also been an Issue in Dundee so the leaflet may be able to be used far afield.
I am angry as a Scotsman, A British Subject, a Father that a religion that if it had more control in Britain would put my children's safety at risk, and that is being rather optimistic in my outlook, is being rammed down our kids throat. Something is seriously wrong, and I want to start the fight back in Aberdeen now.
Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this.
Steven Thomson
Aberdeen Group Organiser.
If you want your children to have a real education and the chance to gain qualifications that mean something then it really is time to start thinking about joining the British National Party. The BNP would soon restore order to the classrooms and employ only teachers who believed in education and not social engineering.


Anonymous said...

Its absolutely disgraceful that these incomers have become so confident that they are now demanding that our children convert to their barbaric view of the world. Is this why so many people are sending their kids to Catholic schools which although bending slightly to the pc bullies, havent fully rolled over legs in air in appeasement as the others have?

Anonymous said...

Do what I did Steven, show them the real islam on the internet.
Beheadings, impaling, stoning you name it.
Ok I'm maybe a bit harsh but it soon wipes the idea of happy clappy peace loving muzzies out of their minds.

The faithful are at it again in the red mosque today, 11 dead and many injured. Nutters, bammers, total heiders. Imagine they were into Buckfast on top of all the radicalisation, doesnt bear thinking about Steve.

These people are ruthless and we should be to, and harden our kids to the truth and the real islam.
My daughter is a master at "dunno", "no idea", "never thought about it" "Whatever" when it comes to any muzzie brain wash stuff at school.

Thankfully our school does not go to any great depth with muzzie stuff. I reckon the teachers do enough or as little as need be to follow the rulings from on high. And we all know the lib/lab con merchants are into appeasment and the muzzie vote, and the muzzies are into the country takeover. Muzzie votes can help make a serious wedge for an mp to trouser. Hence the muzzie education. They are laughing all the way to the mosque at the weakness and greed of our mps.

Same tactic with homo stuff.
After hearing about gay les transgender crap being taught I told her what homo guys and gals get up to and why they were being taught this filth. They need, crave, acceptance, legitimacy, new recruits, fresh blood. And the pink pound is worth Millions. Same with the muzzies, halal meat is a mega Million market in this country.
After the verbal, no internet this time, graphic homo education from me her response was " that's totally disgusting!"

Now, if muzzies want to blow themselves up, stone each other, chop their heads off, pray 5 times a day, well Im happy for them to do that, but back in their home countries please. Just dont do it here or expect me to accept that their way of life and prayer is superior to mine. Nor is it equal, it is different.

Equally with gay people.
I will accept some gay people have a physical, mental, hormonal make up that makes them the way they are, through no fault of their own.
Some are just plain dirty sodomites.
However if they must stick a penis or other mechanical or non mechanical items up each other ass or other orifice then thats fine with me. But please do it in private and stop trying to make me believe the acts are a wonderful beautiful thing and just another expression of love for a fellow being. And dont expect my daughter to believe it either.

Same goes for sheep or camel humping, that's just not on.
I haven't educated my daughter on that one yet. No doubt, the way things are going in education, some school lesson may prompt me though. I hope not.


BFB said...

Parents can withdraw children from Religious Indoctrination classes if they wish. See


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest getting the parents to read this:-

It covers all the important aspects of Islam and answers all the important questions. It does so in a moderate tone but still doesn't pull any punches. I'd also suggest one more article that the parents would be wise to read. It's written by Ali Goma of Faith Freedom (an organisation of ex-Muslims). If you haven't already read it yourself you should. You'll see for yourself why I suggested it.

Good luck.

najistani said...

20 things every infidel should know about Islam at

Some of the links are out of date but googling round the topics should bring up equivalent one.

najistani said...

There's also an excellent comic book piss-take of Islam which is suitablle for older kids and teenagers at

The Hi-RES version is a pdf file of nearly 100MB so it takes a while to download. There is also a lower res version.

The sitre also contains mp3 files of piss-take song such as the shoe-bomber.

Muslims cannot stand to be mocked

najistani said...


The most important fact about Islam that every Kuffar parent and child should know is that ISLAM IS DECEPTION. Taqiyya is at the very foundation of the 'cult' .

I do not use the word 'religion' because Islam has none of the attributes of a religion. A true religion brings out the best in people. Islam does the opposite.

Mohammed said 'War is deception', and Islam has been at war (deceiving) the civilised world since its beginning. Taqiyya can take many forms, from downright lies, propaganda, gross distortions, ommission of part of the truth, pretensions of friendship and moderation, condemning terrorist attacks to the Kuffar while celebrating them with fellow muslims, etc etc.

NEVER believe a Muslim or Muslim propaganda. Truth is unimportant to them. Spreading Islam by whatever means necessary is all that matters.

THE BIG LIE is a propaganda technique, defined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, as a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". Islam is that Big Lie.

Always remember Mohammed was a pedophile, and despite the stereotype old man in a dirty raincoat, pedophiles are in fact usually clever smooth-talking confidence tricksters who are practised in the arts of deception of both parents and children to attain the objects of their lusts. We all know about Ayesha, but how many people realise that in his final years Mohammed lusted after a baby girl too young to walk [ ]

Anonymous said...

How the babyshaggers are infiltrating and subverting the US educational system

Presumably the same thing is happening here

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Cheers folks I will use all the above link's I aim to make this a real issue and I am willing to leaflet every parent at every primary school in Aberdeen. Its time to draw the line in the sand, and start the fight back on behalf of every decent parent in the land. That’s why I asked for help. I want the leaflet to describe why our children are being feed this garbage. The real Islam and why they need to vote for the BNP with confidence to help stop the spread and acceptance of Islam. And to finally let the PC brigade know they have pushed too far.
I read a bit in to days Scottish Daily Mail about the passing of the last WW I survivor and a little of his story. It really angers me that the very people that put every thing on the line, and sacrificed so much to allow freedom of speech, and a fair just society, are the ones ridiculed, by the Marxist lefties who take full advantage of the freedoms the brave fought for. A couple of months ago while doing a paper-sale a Socialist in Aberdeen described British soldiers as fools. I have never felt so much anger in me as that moment in time. We owe everything to our brave personnel who for hundreds of years have kept us safe, and have given up their life in the comfort and knowledge that their sacrifice would be appreciated, and never forgotten about. Perhaps if more of our children were educated in our history and how lucky we are to have the freedom, and society we have today they may feel more inclined to be grateful, and to appreciate what’s around them. Rather than spending their life destroying and ridiculing everything they come across without due thought or respect.

When I first joined the BNP I was told that something would crop up that you would feel so strongly about that nothing would stop you fighting to see that the correct thing was done or a positive outcome achieved, this is it, on behalf of all our Brave servicemen and woman, I refuse to let the, Marxist, Liberal, Pc lefties, turn Britain into a country that they did not fight and die for. WE OWE THEM BIG TIME.
As I said earlier the line has been drawn and the fight back starts now. I will not let them down.

Felicity said...

My son just replies "shame they believe its Holy to kill too" everytime some fuzzy Mussie propaganda gets trotted out. Once and only once his teacher threatened to have him suspended to which he replied " my mother has had her press statement ready since the twin Towers came down"
He's tall gorgeous and polite, a real little White Knight that his teachers otherwise adore and I'd make a meal of a suspension.
I urge everyone to have a short snappy and utterly polite statement to read to the press or to print out and hand out focussing on the cult like status of this religious pornography.