Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Why you should join YouGov

Your opinion not only counts, it can also help

I have been a member of YouGov , the online survey site, now for many years. I have not remained in it for the pitiful amount of pennies that they pay you for completing their surveys or their draws for big money. I have always had more important reasons.

Because they tend to survey just a small number of members, if you are in that survey, you and like minded people can really have an impact on the result and affect the way the survey readers think.

When it comes to political questions, you are usually denied the chance to put how you really feel as they tend to be loaded questions but there are ways of replying that will give negative responses for all the Tri-Axis parties. Put the knife into Brown and Cameron and that other guy.

It also used to be that you could only ever click other for the very frequent question on who you would vote for if there was an election tomorrow? I am now pleased to see that YouGov are now including the British National Party. More reason to join.

Now if all True Brits become active on the surveys, we can really get our message out to the public at large. People will be reading about 20+% polls supporting the BNP and realise that it is not a crime (yet) to support the BNP if everyone else is supporting it. They then may consider joining themselves or at least supporting us.

Another small pleasure I get is in the business questions section where you get to slam the Companies and banks that betray Our Country. Join and put the knife into Dyson, Cadbury, Rowntree, Hoover and Burrberry. All so called British Companies that are exporting our jobs to slave labour countries.

The polls do not take long and as I said you do get paid and have the chance at big money draws but you should join to promote the British National Party.

If you do join then please do so from here, where I will receive a minute commission that can go towards my mega mobile phone bill that I need to stay connected to the Internet living in a place with no land line.


MrSmith said...

Dyson and Burberry? What've they done, GA? I must have missed that story.

Felicity said...

They moved production overseas Mr Smith putting the British workforce out of work.

Felicity said...

Meanwhile Gordon Brown gives £70,000.000 to fund jihad in Britain (well what do you think the Muslims will spend the money on?)


Its nice to know we have that sort of cash squirreled away isn't it, coming on top of the millions Tony Blair gave to Pakistan to make mosques more cute and loving.
If we simply expelled the jihadis wouldn't that be simpler...and cheaper?

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for that Felicity.

There is an article here somewhere Mr Smith. Also one on Indesit/Hotpoint doing the same.

Felicity said...

It would be great to have list of all British companies selling us out and including those multi national ones like Boots MacDonalds Tesco's who are selling halal produce.......so we can boycott them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the markings are on halal products in Asda, for example?
Im not sure if Im buying barbarically slaughtered steak, lamb or chicken or not.
Pork is no problem though.


Anonymous said...

Harry the Asda ones are marked Halal drop me a line at Aberdeen and I will send you a nice Asda Hala pic to chew over ( pardon the pun) I cant find the Halal bacon it must be popular with the Moslems as its sold out, but as ever to be an inclusive sort of chap, I went and got some packs of the finest Danish Bacon produce and laid it over the Halal display to help the Muslims find it.

MrSmith said...

Thanks for the explanations, much appreciated.

Anony, I like your style. Bacon in the halal section indeed! Ever thought about frying and drying out a few rashers and popping them in copies of the koran? I hear it's quite a long read, I'm sure a bookmark would be appreciated.