Wednesday, 11 July 2007

MPACUK - Thicker than clotted cream

I have just been watching Asghar Bukhari (left,left), the self appointed spokesman for the Muslim Public Affairs Committee make a complete ass of himself on Sky News. Attacking Salmon Rushdie, he quickly lost the plot completely as he proceeded to try and shout down everyone else.

I must confess I was rolling around on the floor in stitches watching him foam at the mouth and scream like a stuck pig. I just hope someone taped it. The BNP welcomes these hysterical outbursts as they reveal the true face of moderate Islam.

Of course the serious side to this was that no news site has bothered to explain why the Moslems hate Rushdie so much. Sure they say it is because of his boring book, The Satanic Verses but none of them explain the importance of these verses in destroying the myth of Islam as a true religion. In fact, they reveal Mohammed either a liar or tool of the Devil.

You can read the meaning here.

The British National Party (BNP) would ensure that the true meaning of the Satanic Verses be passed on to the British public.


Clara said...

Since MPACUK were revealed as "two brothers with a computer above a kebab shop" by Littlejohn in the Daily Mail I cant take them seriously.
Two hysterical muzzies whipping up "political jihad" among what passes as moderate Islam?
Rushdie, an apostate from this stupid cult has them taped.
So has Ali sina and his thousands of apostates at faithfreedom across the world. Trouble is no one listens to non violent muslims, if it aint foaming through its beard or burka it must be a BNP supporter so best ignore it.

najistani said...


"There are large numbers of non-Muslims who actively encourage, support, and promote Islam ..."
Yes, the existence of a huge fifth column of apologists and seditionists (either consciously or unwittingly) in the western nations is a huge obstacle to defending our civilization. Therefore, proper education in the West is critical, and JW/DW is only the start of that pedagogical process.

The current academic establishment, whom I see as the biggest villains in this unfolding tragic play, have either been bought with Saudi money or else are ideologically committed to the deconstruction of--even the destruction of--the classical west.

Then there are the predominantly Christian groups who naively project their compromsing, tolerant, and ecumenical values falsely onto the Muslims, who absolutely hold no such values--Islam "must dominate and not be dominated."

Then, there are the blinkered multi-culturalists who see Islam as just another benign culture that should be welcomed into the fellowship of man, ignoring the fact that Islam is adamantly uni-cultural.

It recognizes fellowship only among Muslims. The "other," according to Islam, are "filth" in the eyes of Allah, to be converted, subjugated as dhimmi slaves, or slaughtered.

Finally, there are the Marxist utopians, who see the Muslims as just another group of economically downtrodden humans, natural allies in the eternal fight against capitalist "exploitation." Nevermind that all the movers and shakers in the violent jihadist movement are middle or upper class ideologues.
Nevermind that these Muslim operatives are far more ruthless in their beliefs and attitudes that even the worst Stalinist, and completely willing to exterminate their allies of convenience once the larger battle against the Great Satan is won.

The first step at home, as has been stated here many times, is communicating--properly and truthfully--that Islam is not primarily a religion, but rather a fascist, supremacist cult of death, whose clear doctrinal and practical purpose is a perpetual quest for absolute world-wide political control.

Once we as a society recognize Islam for what it is, and are not afraid to openly so state, then men of good will, from all political and religious dispositions, can unite against this vicious tyranny that threatens our hard won freedoms and that seeks, as its "holy mission," to utterly destroy every non-Islamic culture as so much "jahaliyya."

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Naji this is another front page post, do you have your own web site.

You should have. My hat off to you.

Anonymous said...

Also they still dont realise someone is posting under a pigs name ha ha ha ha ha and has done so for months.