Saturday, 14 July 2007

They will not stop. Neither will we

The price of being a Christian sharing a secular society with Moslems

As shown by the results of the recent Valley Ward(Rotherham) by-election, the British National Party continues to make political advancement to one day forming a government.

Lab 781 Majority 433
BNP 348 19.5% + 2%
Ind 308
Con 197
LibDem 150

But the BNP are like some of the crew trying to save a sinking ship that is taking in water fast. Whilst trying to bail out the water, waking the rest of the crew and repairing damage they are doing a sterling job. But will they have enough time before the ship becomes unsavable and it is then every man for himself?

But while they try to save Our Country, the enemy within, continue with their unreasonable demands. They will not stop. Appeasement to them never works. They always want more.

Despite the fact that their plans for a giant £18 million mosque was thrown out by Dudley Planning Committee because the ground was zoned for industrial use and that over 70 petitions with over 22,000 local signatures against its building they continue their push.

The Dudley Muslim Association are now taking the matter to appeal which means that their demand will eventually land on the desk of the Dhimmi, Secretary of State for Communities, Hazel Blears.

Given the fact that all the Tri-Axis parties are scrabbling in the muck for the block Moslem vote, it does not look good for democracy and the people of Dudley. We must wait and see.

Realising now, the power of their block vote in large areas of Our Country, they are getting organised behind which ever of the Tri-Axis parties promises to meet their demands.

The zombies of the Cult have been instructed to support the Liberal Democrats in the coming Ealing-Southall by-election. Like sheep they will do as they are told and with a large turnout of the turnips, their masters can then make greater demands on our pathetic Dhimmi Leaders.

There is only one silver bullet that can now save Our Country and our children's future and that is the British National Party. You can no longer have the luxury of ignoring the fight to save Our Ship. You must support the BNP with every fibre in your body. The alternative is slavery under Sharia Law. You can read the about the fate of the young Christian girls friends here.

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