Tuesday, 17 July 2007

BNP responsible for donation to Charity

Forget the Donor Card - Carry one of these

Well, if nothing else, the standing of a Candidate in the Sedgefied by-election by the British National Party has resulted in a donation of £1200 pounds to the Butterwick Childrens Hospice by the fork tongued Northern Echo.

The BNP as taken out some advertising space in that rag because some people are still reading it. At least until they realise they can get the real truth elsewhere.

They have posted the following in their comments section. Sorry I do not yet have the link. But here you go.

"In defence of free speech today, on page 13 we publish an advertisement for the british national party.

it is not something we have done lightly or from which we take any satisfaction, because we oppose everything that this far-right party stands for.

we understand that some of our readers will disagree with the decision, believing that the bnp should be denied the oxygen of publicity.

however, in going ahead with publication, we have taken into account the fact that the advertisement is perfectly legal and that the bnp os a legitimate party which is entitled to field a candidate in the sedgefield by-election.

the northern echo has a proud tradition of campaigning for freedom of opinion. we believe it is central to a democratic society and we should be proud of the fact that individuals and organisations in this country are free to express their opinions.

it would be hypocritical of us to champion those freedoms only to deny them to an organisation just because we disagree with what it stands for. where would the line be drawn? how far would we descend into the darkness of censorship?

this is an advertisement which is published reluctantly in the belief that it is right to do so.

but when the people of sedgefield vote for a successor to tony blair on thursday, we call on them to do so in pursuit of hope rather than the hate which the bnp stands for.

the £1,200 which the bnp paid for the advert will be donated to the butterwick children's hospice.

Should you wish to communicate with Peter Baron, the editor, you can do so at echo@nne.co.uk


Anonymous said...

A bitter pill but it'll do them good to swallow it. Too many decent citizens support the BNP for them to get away with NOT publishing it.

Felicity said...

The catalogue of intimdation of BNP members and supporters in Birmingham is shocking

"a white and Asian officer detained him in a police vehicle tiold him they knew where he lived and threatened to sexually assault his mother and sister"

How can they get away with this?
The link on the BNP site to complain about the Chief Constable and his underlings doesn't work. These are the tactics of the gestapo

Anonymous said...

Good on you Peter Baron, putting your principles before profit or personal prejudices, pity the same cant be said of the rest of your profession.

Felicity said...

I hope the day will come when these puppets of the state get their comeuppance.
Ceaucesceu thought he was safe and ended up with his back to a wall and a blindfold on facing peoples justice.
The stupidity of these government lackeys beggars belief, obviously history has taught them nothing.
Out there among the Nationalists and the ordinary people is a charismatic figure blessed with oratorial skills who will offer to solve the Nations problems and the people will respond.
If it was Nick Griffin I'd sleep easy but I fear the time has not yet come.
When this leader emerges the country will grasp him/her with both hands and vote on masse for massive change...Kristalnacht will seem like tea party........all because "they" were too arrogant to listen.
Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.
The BNP are rather tame compared to some Nationalist organisations and are rightly sticking to the letter of the electoral law, what happens if someone more pro-active, photogenic and persuasive enters politics (its the sign of the times?)
Hitler came at a time the German people had been reduced to slaves in their own land (or dhimmis if you prefer) he offered dignity, work and the restoration of National Pride for the indigenous people. How much better for Germany and the entire world would it have been if some other sensible Nationalist had taken the wind out of his sails a few years before?
Nick Griffin is no Hitler, we need him before the other emerges.

Felicity said...

Sorry, imagine a man with the looks of Beckam the voice of Burton in a Hugo Boss suit telling the Nation to vote for him to save them from the horrors of Islam?
Especially after another riot or bomb or extra demands from the RoP?