Thursday, 26 July 2007

Shambo and the Mexican Standoff

What part of India are these Hindus from? Cuckoo land?

Go check out these images of wannabe Hindus at Skanda Vale, the luxury home of Shambo, the T.B. carrying cow where there is a standoff between the police and T.B. hugging hippies who would rather see children gasp for air then kill their not so sacred creature.

Real Hindus have said it is sad but necessary to terminate the diseased animal but some of his defenders disagree. I wonder what part of India the people in the images are from.

Cuckoo land probably.

Do you think the British National Party would have allowed this sick animal to continue to endanger the health of the British Public for three months the way the cowardly Welsh Assembly have? You want a party that cares about your health and your childrens? Then you want the BNP.


Fidothedog said...

They are not hindu's, not as traditional hindu's understand it. Instead they are white, middle aged(in the main) people looking for something to get "into".

Personally I blame Paul, Ringo and co for starting this fad when they went to India in the 1960's.

They treat the hindu faith like religion lite, they love the peace part(alows them to protest and mention they are hindu) and feeling smug and morally superior to the rest of us.

I bet most of them drive a 4X4 vehicle, but will argue that as they are green they have carbon offset it, whilst at the same time condemning the rest of us for catching a flight to Spain once a year.

Watch for lots of letters from them once Shambo reduced to a steak in the Guardian.

Celtic Morning said...

According to latest reports, Shambles is history.I cant say I am too keen on the triumphant posts,in a way I feel some sympathy for these people who, however misguided we think them to be, were sincere in their worship of the animal ,according to their religion,and will be feeling his loss and taking it very badly.But of course it had to happen and they should have accepted it from the start for the law of the land should, must apply to all regardless of their particular beliefs and customs.This could all happen again, other of their animals could be contaminated in the future.If that happens I hope they will bow to the inevitable and not make the position worse for themselves by going through the same procedure.And anyway, the cause was also hijacked by the inevitable bunny huggers who put the lives of dumb animals above that of their fellow humans.The monks or whatever they call themselves, did their best to save him,they have not broken with whatever religious beliefs they hold so they should now offer a prayer for human suffering, with special reference to the tragic funeral which took place in Staffordshire today.On the whole,Hindu's are more likely to accept legal proceedings than followers of TDP.Imagine the scenes if it had been something sacred to Islam which had needed to be led away today !!!

The Green Arrow said...


Yes the death of animal that means something to someone is always sad but this sad event was allowed to turn into a farce by the Welsh Assembly.

Like you I am concerned now about the other animals at Skanda Vale. I am sure that I read somewhere that other animals may be infected.

However as I have posted the "real" Hindus had no objections to a diseased animal being destroyed if it was a threat to human health.

I suspect the monks at SV are more hippie tree huggers rather than true hindus.

Celtic Morning said...

Hippie tree huggers?You are probably right,and once they started the ball rolling then the inevitable bleeding heart brigade turned out pdq.Lets hope they now revue they reaction to any further infection.It should be a simple matter of quietly allowing the animal to be taken,no fuss,no publicity.Is that too much to ask of them?

Celtic Morning said...

Hippie tree huggers?You are probably right,and once they started the ball rolling then the inevitable bleeding heart brigade turned out pdq.Lets hope they now revue they reaction to any further infection.It should be a simple matter of quietly allowing the animal to be taken,no fuss,no publicity.Is that too much to ask of them?

johnofgwent said...

The Bullock Is Dead

Long Live The Bull (from the politicians that is)

This evening as I drove home I heard the news I thought should never have made it to the news. That Shambo the TB Infected Bullock has been taken away to be put down.

David Milliband should have been next, for his incredible behaviour as DEFRA Spokespiece put Puntius Pilate to shame. And every one of the spineless scum in the hot air shit pit in Cardiff Bay whose shilly-shallying let this farce go on and on and on should follow too.

Anonymous said...

Well,as a 'real Hindu', let me state that the Uk is a society which has no trouble letting imams spew hate, rag-head Sikhs brandish kirpans, etc etc..but some Hindus saving an innocent animal..that cant be permitted! You know the mistake we Hindus make? We're non violent and tolerant. The Brits dont dare offend Islam, but Hindus are fair game because we dont chop anyone's head off.

Maybe that's a mistake we make. Is it true that whites'd respect us more and give us everything we want if we burn down your cities?

The Green Arrow said...

I happen to know that Hindu's have done their fair share of slaughtering other religions in their time so lets have none of that non-violent rubbish.

In fact we True Brits would be more than happy if you took your crazy religions back to their counties of origin.

I am sorry Shambo had to die and it seems that more will follow from information I have read. The beast was diseased and had to die.

rag-head Sikhs? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if Hindus were not non-violent, we'd be suicide-bombing Londonistan just like your dirty Paki friends are doing.

Hindus have never slaughtered anyone, and after hearing you insult Hindus by calling it a crazy religion, I have only a few choice comments for you: ENJOY YOUR MUSLIMS. Seriously. The two of you deserve each other, like two peas in a pod. You could defeat Islam by forming an alliance with Hindus, but just have to go ruin everything by opposing Hindus too, dont you?

Enjoy becoming an Islamic state. As a Hindu, I'll enjoy watching the two of you slaughter each other. My money's on the Pakis tho: whites like you are too busy hating Hindus to unite against the real enemy...and you're not faring too well against the Pakis.

The Green Arrow said...

Dude? Your obviously some kind of whacko who contradicts himself. I could post a dozen links to where Hindus have murdered both moslems and christians.

Besides if you Hindus are non violent what good would you be in a dust up?

Go play somewhere else. I'm of for a nice beef sandwich with a bit mustard.

Anonymous said...

Hindus have killed Muslims in self defense. What are you, a Paki pretending to be white? Why would you be bothered by the killing of Muslims? Real whites should clap and cheer when Hindus slaughter Muslims.

Both Christians and Muslims are invaders in India. I am a Hindu nationalist, who believes in a pure Hindu state. INDIA for the HINDUS !!! FOREIGNERS OUT ! Go BJP, go RSS !!

(and yes I will gladly accept all Hindus leave UK, provided you take back your Christian scum)

Tell ya what, we are non violent but when we have to kill, we kill. Remember Gujrat, when Muslims attacked us and burned that train with 61 Hindus?? Remember what happened afterwards?? We killed so many of them the bodies filled up the rivers..Too bad you pansy BNP whites cant do the same.

And dude (I live in a real country, America, where we talk like that), enjoy your beef sandwich, since your own white doctors say eating beef reduces your lifespan by many many years and is a leading cause of heart disease. Does it bother me that you people kill yourself? Not at all: the intelligent whites have recognized the superiority of Hindus and embraced a vegetarian lifestyle.

The Green Arrow said...

Hey Dude, I did think about deleting your rant as it really contributes nothing to the debate over our cubed friend. But then I though no. Your a real advert for my argument that Hindu's are almost as crazy as the Moslems. I bet real Americans would be glad to see the back of you.

Come on let's have some more of your madness. I need a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit like those misty eyed ex pats talking about the "old country" in American/Canadian/Australian pubs isn't it.
They're all Nationalists, love their homelands and are willing to fight and die..........from thousands of miles away.
If India and Pakistan are so great why do millions of them scuttle into our country?
Actions speak louder than words.

Fidothedog said...

Think the reason that they scuttle over here is wall to wall benfits, higher standard of living, free expression and freedom of worship. All things lacking in many parts of India/Pakistan etc.

Celtic Morning said...

post mortem shows that Shambles did have tb and other animals will now be tested. Where does this leave the dopey "sheep people" who visited the place for their kids to take a look at the beast. Its bad enough having to try to avoid catching tb from third world immigrants without having to consider their animals too.If Skanda Vale really want to go for a clean bill of health then they would ask the Welsh Assembly(of 3rd raters) to organise a cull of the badger population which plagues their land.I hope the elephant aint caught it, he'll take some burning.

Anonymous said...

hey American Hindu,go and fucking live in India then you crazy bastard,if you love it so much what are you doing residing in the U.S then you fucking hypocrite?.Hello GA,I used to post as Shieldwall but I have had nothing but trouble with this Google account crap.I may just use the anon bit now.

Anonymous said...

America and India are the world's two largest democracies. Living in America is almost like living in India, minus the filthy Pakistani scum who sneak in over the border. Real Americans join forces with me to denounce Muslims, unlike those Euro-faggots over there who love and embrace Muslims (like you do).

BTW: there are very few Hindus in the UK, and they went in there to try to save Britain from the hordes of Muslims you imported.

Nationalist Hindus and heroic Jews are the greatest people in the world. America, Israel, and India are the holy trinity, the troika of liberty and democracy which will crush Islam and liberate the world.

Those three nations are Britain's only hope. We saved you in both World Wars, and now it looks like we'll have to save you again.

(American and Indian troops rescued Europe in the world wars)

Anonymous said...

"hey American Hindu,go and fucking live in India then you crazy bastard"

Thanks, but since you're not an American I'll wait til they tell me to do so before complying. I know it's deeply disappointing to you that the British dont control AMerican policy re Hindus, but third rate nations do have to live with such limitations.

Anonymous said...

:free expression and freedom of worship:

LOL, I think India is the world's largest democracy and has better human rights record and more freedom than your little island.

Celtic Morning said...

Latest news from the temple.... they want the law changed so that sacred animals are exempt and in a different category to farm animals.I though they were stupid but it seems they are just cheeky bastards.