Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Cross Dressing Red Mosque Cleric

But I'm a Lady!

It seems that the roughy, toughy, firebrand cleric Abdul Aziz whose daily calls for Jihad against the West and everyone else in the world who did not buy into Sharia Law is actually a bit of a big pussy. A cross dressing pussy in fact.

When push came to shove and the bullets started flying down at the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Pakistan, this senior leader of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile decided discretion was the better part of valour.

Leaving his men to die, he quickly found a phone box, changed into his girlie outfit and mingling with 20 real women, scuttled out the back of the Red Mosque dressed as one of the Daleks of Death. Not for him the glorious exit of the Martyr with a fast ticket to paradise bought with a hail of bullets. No, he would rather hang around and die of old age.

Unfortunately for him, years of living off the backs of others gave him away. Or rather his pot belly did and he was quickly dragged out of the hen party and arrested.

The arrest that was caught on camera reveals what we always knew. That Moslem Leaders do not actually believe in what they preach. They want their Kingdom on Earth, not in Heaven. Hypocrites. Cowardly hypocrites at that.

"After all the things he has said and all the oaths he took from his students that they should embrace martyrdom with him, look at this man,'' deputy information minister Tariq Azeem said here.

There are now two million of these turnips in Our Country. They are building their own infrastructure and are enforcing their own law. Sharia Law.

If you have no wish to become a Dhimmi slave and have no wish to see your daughter become a Dalek of Death, then you had better seriously consider joining the British National Party now. The BNP are the only hope now for Our Country.

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