Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A life sentence for condeming stoning

I have made numerous posts on this site about the continuing slide into the Abyss of hell on earth by Pakistan. The fact that America has said that it would assist their government in fighting Islamic Terrorists gives me even more cause for concern. Let them descend into the pit if they wish. Type Pakistan into the Search this blog box and see what pressing Search returns. Some real horror stories I can assure you.

Despite trying to come across to the world as being a Country that respects other religions then just their Cult of the Dead Paedophile, they in Pakistan, constantly murder and imprison anyone who is not a 100% zombie to the cult.

A writer in Karachi has just been sentenced to life imprisonment for defiling a copy of the Quran, outraging religious feelings and propagating religious hatred. Check out their insane sentencing system for daring to speak out against their quaint little practice of stoning each other to death.

The ATC judge, Syed Saghir Hussain Zaidi sentenced Younus Sheikh to life imprisonment under section 295-B of the PPC, awarded 10 years in prison under section 295-A with a fine of Rs50,000, ordering that, in default, he shall have to suffer a further six-month term. The court also sentenced him to five years in prison under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) with a fine of Rs50,000.

Sheikh was arrested by police in January 2005 for writing a book against the Islamic laws deviating from the teaching of Quran and Sunnah. The accused had negated the punishment of Rajam (Stoning to death in case of adultery) in his book and wrote contemptuous remarks against Imams of Fiqah.

Over 43% of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile currently helping to colonise Our Country are from Pakistan. When they arrive, they fetch within them other diseases then aids and T.B.. They fetch with them insanity and a believe in a way of life that is straight from Dante's Inferno.

Churchill once compared the curse of Islam as a dog with rabies. The British National Party knows how to deal with mad dogs. Join and support the BNP before the disease is beyond their control.


najistani said...

They don't just persecute the Kuffar and apostates, they also hate the 'wrong' kind of Muslim. Here's the story of Abdus Salam's tombstone. You couldn't make this stuff up in a hundred years!

"The tragedy of our treatment of Dr Abdus Salam

Dr Abdus Salam (1926-1996) died ten years ago. He was the first Pakistani to get a Nobel Prize in 1979. But he might be the last if we continue to allow our state to evolve in a way that frightens the rest of the world. Our collective psyche runs more to accepted ‘wisdom’ than to scientific inquiry; and even if we were to display an uncharacteristic outcropping of individual genius the world may be so frightened of it that it might not give us our deserts.

We are scared of honouring Dr Salam because of our constitution which we have amended to declare his community as ‘non-Muslim’. When Dr Salam died in 1996 he had to be buried in Pakistan because he refused to give up his Pakistani nationality and acquire another that respected him more. But the Pakistani state was afraid of touching his dead body. He was therefore buried in Rabwa, the home town of his Ahmedi community whose name is also unacceptable to us and has been changed to Chenab Nagar by a state proclamation. But that was not the end of the story. After he was buried, the pious, law-abiding and constitution-loving people of Jhang, which is nearby, went over to Chenab Nagar to see if all had been done according to the constitutional provisions regarding the Ahmedi community to which he belonged.

And what did the constitution say? It said that the Ahmedis are not Muslims, that they may not call themselves Muslims, nor say the kalima or use any of the symbols of Islam. The original amendments to the constitution were passed by Z A Bhutto, a ‘liberal socialist-democrat’, and subsequent tightening of the law was done by the great patriot General Zia-ul Haq. Thus both the civilians and the khakis had connived in the great betrayal of Dr Salam.

After the great scientist was buried in Chenab Nagar, his tombstone said “Abdus Salam the First Muslim Nobel Laureate”. Needless to say, the police arrived with a magistrate and rubbed off the ‘Muslim’ part of the katba. Now the tombstone says: Abdus Salam the First Nobel Laureate."

From http://pakistaniat.com/2006/11/22/abdus-salam-physics/

Anonymous said...

This particular strain of Muslim is the most cockroach type in Britain.
The stupidity is that they are vastly inferior to Arab Muslims (pure Muslims) and they think they are equal.
Real Muslims, of the type chosen by Allah through Mohammed (PBUH) despise these Muslims who submitted to the truth at swordpoint, they are a conquered people.
This is why black Muslims are enslaved raped and persecuted in Darfur, they are really dhimmis, so in love with their Arab Masters they embrace their cult.
The finest purest form of Islam is among the Arabs, the rest are slaves, and loving it.