Monday, 16 July 2007

Shambo to live

This creatures Human Rights are more important than your health

Against the advice of their veterinarians and farmers, the sacred Bull Shambo has been permitted to continue spreading T.B. to all who come near the diseased animal.

The cowardice of the Welsh Assembly is amazing. Rather than enforce the law they have decided to ignore it and spare the beast on the grounds of Human Rights. What about the 1000 people a year who will end their lives coughing their lungs up because of a disease caught from a cow?

The British National Party would have protected the health of the Welsh people and enforced the order for Shambos slaughter months ago.

Well they have shown the way to the rest of us. The law will not be enforced for the ethnic guests who live in Our Country. The only people they will pursue and try to prosecute are the BNP members and supporters fighting to protect you. Up of your knees and join them.


Anonymous said...

beyond belief.
Bullock bollocks!

Britlord said...


A very interesting video, Charlene Downes is in it as well as some VERY interesting statistics.

Anonymous said...

I was having a look through Ukdebate, link below, and found the link. I put Bovine TB into the search and found the statement by Milliband. You can find the full report for yourself if you put in the same search term.

Written Ministerial Statement from David Miliband on the publication of the Report of the Independent Scientific Group on Cattle TB, 18 June 2007
The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Mr David Miliband)
The Independent Scientific Group on Cattle TB (ISG) has today published its final report, Bovine TB : The Scientific Evidence. Copies of the report will be placed in the Libraries of both Houses.
This report is the culmination of nearly ten years’ work by the ISG and provides a wealth of valuable evidence. I am very grateful to Professor John Bourne, chairman of the ISG, and his colleagues on the group, for their long commitment to this study.
It is indisputable that bovine TB remains a serious problem for the farming industry with disease prevalence increasing sharply over the last decade. The cost to the taxpayer was around £80 million in 2006/07, and farmers whose herds are affected by disease also face significant financial and personal costs.
Cattle control measures are critical to tackling this disease. We have already tightened these with the introduction of a zero tolerance regime for overdue tests; changes to the compensation system; a new requirement for pre-movement tests from high risk herds; and the extension of the use of the gamma interferon test. The numbers of herds tested each year has increased significantly, increasing costs to both the taxpayer and farmers. We will consider carefully the ISG’s conclusions, which suggest more could be done to tackle transmission between cattle and root out infection from herds. New cattle measures would of course increase the cost of the TB control regime. We will therefore need to work with the farming industry and the veterinary profession to assess the implications of these recommendations.
We know that the badger can play a role in maintaining disease in the areas where bovine TB is endemic. The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 allows the culling of badgers under licence for disease control purposes but, while the Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT) has been in progress, there has been a moratorium on issuing licences for culling of badgers for bovine TB. The ISG’s final report marks the end of the RBCT. We therefore need to decide next steps.
The ISG's report summarises the results of the RBCT. These show that small scale culling can increase levels of TB in cattle. The report also says that proactive culling as practiced in the RBCT can bring benefits but only if culling is sustained over a number of years and co-ordinated. The ISG are not convinced that it would be practical or economical to deliver a cull in this way, leading them to conclude that badger culling could not contribute meaningfully to the control of bovine TB in Great Britain.
I have always made it clear that we will base our approach to tackling bovine TB on all the available evidence. The publication of this report makes an important contribution to the now extensive evidence base on this disease. We will be considering the issues it raises very carefully and will continue to work with the industry, government advisers and scientific experts in reaching a final policy decision on this serious issue.

Celtic Morning said...

No suprise then. Here's the reason that the establishment give in to ethnics and dont care about the rest of us.If they had decided to carry out the law and kill Shambles there would have been ongoing demonstrations which would probably have descended into organised riots with police powerless to control the raging mob - because they would be mostly ethnics and you cant touch them. Now , after a few mild magazine comments and the likes of us protesting on the web , it will all be forgotten. The Assembly (of cowards)have taken the easy option and gone for the quiet life.Until the British wake from their apathy we will continue to count for nothing and our guests will continue to have more rights than us.And if ever we do decide to protest as if we mean it, watch out for broken skulls and bloodshed and arrests and prison sentences - remember what happened to the Countryside Alliance outside Westminster We must reach rock bottom one day , surely we cant keep sinking lower and lower.

Celtic Morning said...

It seems that the Welsh Assembly are NOT too blame for the reprieve of Shambles and in fact are appealing against the decision of the dopey judge who today allowed hime to live.Apparently the human rights of Hindu's to worship a diseased and infectious animal overrides the human rights of the farmers and citizens of Britain who stand to suffer from this foolish mans weakness.The appeal is set for Friday .

Fidothedog said...

Miliband was the one who rather than do his job and order Shambo destroyed, as per the law passed the buck(or bullock in this case) onto the Welsh Assembly.

So now we are one court case down the line - due to inaction then by the Assembly, one animal still a health risk to the public and danger to other livestock, and the tax payers have been stumped with a large legal bill.

In short what could be termed by our American friends - A total clusterfuck.

Ayatollah Khomeini said...

I think Shambo is sexy, dead or alive! There's nothing he could give me that I haven't got already (apart from a 16 inch thingy)

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning says the Welsh Assembly are not to blame.

Well, in the strict sense that the decision was made by the High Court, guided by the 'advocacy' from that slimy bunch of Chums Of Blair And Cherie who continue to fill their boots by yelling 'HUMAN RIGHTS ACT' every time we try to impose the law of the United Kingdom, that is correct.

However if Jane Davidson had got off her arse, put her foot down and sent in the vets with orders "not to come back without The Head Of Shambo The Bullock In A Box" WEEKS ago - like they would if any ORDINARY FARMER had a reactor in the herd - then this whole sorry mess would never have been allowed to get this far.

And what about MY human right to eat disease-free beef eh ? Oh no mate, we can't have you eating MEAT. You need to be an orange robe wearing, fundamentalist vegan like us.

I *know* someone who was treated for TB as a kid. His story of the disease - and the 'treatment' in a TB Sanitorium - would make your hair stand on end.

There are some things that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies. And TB is right up there next to prostate cancer as a pretty nasty way to have your exit visa from this mortal coil validated.

However, it would seem now that the only way shambo is going to the glue factory is if his 'handler' catches the disease.

So be it. He brought it on himself

Celtic Morning said...

A member of my family was a sister in the old TB sanitorium at Talgarth and nursed her husband-to-be back to health after he picked up the disease while serving in the old Palestine Police when the state of Israel was being born among bloodshed and terrorist activity.(Directed at us!!) He lived another sixty years with one lung,a good and productive life and as Gwent says,treatment in the sanitoriums was pretty spartan - if you were lucky enough to get it.Most people died at home.Of course the Assembly should have acted immediately but thats too much to ask of pigmy politicians in a micky mouse talking shop and so the eventual decision went to an idiot who put the rights of prancing religious fools above the rest of us.No mention of the undoubted cruelty of keeping Shambles confined to a small box for the rest of his life like a song bird in a cage.The whole thing stinks and if the decision is not overturned on friday then the farmers unions should organise massive protests and massive disruption. I'm not a farmer but I would be there in support. Take example from the reaction of their fellow sons-of-the soil across the channel who would certainly never stand for yet another cock eyed application of "Human Rights." And while they are about it , get every other animal in Skanda Vale tested - including the badgers which roam freely and spread their filth everywhere.Perhaps they had better change the name of their temple. Scandalous Vale would be more appropriate .

Felicity said...

During the foot and mouth crisis family pets wre torn from childrens arms, a little old spinster was roughly prised off her beloved goat by government vets and a few heavies.
If only she'd had the foresight to stick a red dot on her brow, it could have been avoided.

Celtic Morning said...

Felicity , your few lines tells us all we really need to know about this whole stinking affair .

Anonymous said...

Fuck the BNP and fuck you too racist pricks!!!

Anonymous said...

>Fuck the BNP and fuck you too racist pricks!!!

Hi 'anonymous' and thanks for that well thought out and eloquently expressed sentiment,

Good news, people.

We've reached the point where this is all they have left in the arguments department.