Monday, 23 July 2007

I'd like to join the Army Dad

The price of an illegal war

In my case it was the Navy but you get the idea. A father today, hearing those words should be worried sick for his son or daughters future health and do everything within his power to suggest an alternative career path.

As an ex-serviceman, my support for Our Forces are boundless but the war in Iraq is an illegal war for Great Britain, started by the liar Bliar, intent on wagging his tail to his master in America.

I believe servicemen should carry out their orders but when those orders are known to be illegal then that is a different matter. I still fail to understand why there is no large outcry from our Senior Officers. Have they been that politicised and frightened for their pensions that they would rather see their men die then speak out? They should reach for their revolvers.

The number of casualties from both Iraq and Afghanistan are now becoming unsustainable for our pared to the bone forces and our boys are dieing because of Labours denial of proper equipment and support. The truth is, Labour hates and fears the armed forces and resents every penny they have to spend on them. You can discover the dislike by Labour in their rag paper the Daily Mirror which published this article whilst our boys are fighting and dieing for their Labour Masters.

They have closed the excellent military hospitals that once existed and forced our wounded heroes to be treated in mixed ward hospitals where they have been abused by the zombies of death. How long before one of our troops is murdered in an hospital? Have any of our troops died in British Hospital?. If so who was treating them? Were they Doctors of Death?

Labour will say about our casualties, that ours is a volunteer army with no conscripts. But how long can that continue? Recruitment is dropping. Every True Brit father understands that sometimes a man must actually fight and die for what is right. But this illegal war is not the place to lose a son and should be applauded if they succeed in dissuading sons from enlisting. The young think they are invulnerable and it will never happen to them. But it does. And what is left behind. You can see the price paid here.

If 100 soldiers die, they leave behind 100 heartbroken sweethearts, 200 mothers and fathers, 400 grand parents and countless brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Too much of a price for an illegal war where our heroes are allowed to be forgotten the moment they are buried.

You can get details of British Casualties here and for those hidden casualties that the government does not release figures on, the mercenaries who are dieing in droves, you can get the details here. There is also an item by Colonel Buckshot giving more details here.

So what next. How can they continue to feed the grinder? Conscription? The Territorial Army? What happens when the turnips decide to attack power stations and water supplies? Where are we to get the troops to defend these vital resources?

The British National Party would end the war within one hour of forming a government. The BNP values British Troops too highly to lose and grieve for them in foreign wars of no concern to Our Country.


English Rose said...

Hi how are you?
thanks for all your support!
Just a quick comment as I am using the internet cafe at the moment.
Take care x

Anonymous said...

Yes who in their right mind would want their kids to join the army nowadays. That said, this country has always treated its servicemen abysmally, the poorest/cheapest weaponry, the dumbest hooray Henry old Etonian generals, lions led by donkeys was the saying in WW1. No doubt the recruiting teams will be desperately doing the rounds of schools in poorer areas to find their cannon fodder, but you know what?, I think even the most out of touch have realised that to fight for the likes of Bliar and Brooon is madness.

Felicity said...

This post touched a nerve with me GA because recently a son of my friend was talking about joining up. My friend was worried sick as the boy is only sixteen, not academic and she and her husband would be required to give permission. My own boy had that faraway look on his face imagining quad bikes in deserts and leaping out of helicopters.
I pointed both boys to the blogs, Youtube and the Nationalist sites and told them it was the height of stupidity to leave their own soil to be distracted in foreign affairs while Britain burned.
The homeland is under attack and this is where the troops should be, manning the borders and in time, the streets.
Our youth should be joining martial arts clubs and taking up sporting shooting (if they can get in to these clubs for Muslims practicing for jihad?)They should be training packs of strong disciplined guard dogs.
A cynical person may think this is why we import cheap foreign labour and cancel apprentice schemes, to drive youth into the armed forces and take them far from homeland and family.
On the promise of a dog (nice doberman) my friends son has abandoned the notion of the army and my great idea means my boy will have to get one too.