Monday, 16 July 2007

The Order of the Phoenix

The Dementors - Some of Harry's enemies - Look familiar?

The creatures that currently rule over us have obviously never heard of the old saying, You can lead an horse to water but you cannot make it drink. But still they try with frightening implications for the future.

It seems that Schools with mainly white pupils could be labelled as "failing" if they do not encourage children to mix with other races. One would think they would more concerned with improving the abysmal education of our young then continuing with their failed policy of forced integration.

When I go to a pub, I sit and talk with people I wish to converse with. I certainly do not go and sit with people whose views I know to be different and distorted. Especially if they only speak an alien language to mine.

Now I have a confession to make. I have read all the Harry Potter books - it is a reasonable way of escaping for a short time, the horrid reality of life under the Global Marxists - and realised this attempt at mind bending of school children, reminded me of the fifth book in the series about the young wizard and his friends and enemies. The Order of the Phoenix.

Despite the repeated warnings and evidence given by Harry in the preceding books, the citizens of the Wizarding World refuse to listen to his alarm bell. The result is that the enemies of their way of life start to make inroads in all forms into the infrastructure of the now semi fascist Wizarding World and arrests of the few who know the truth are a daily event.

More Dementors

At Harry's school, Hogwarts, teachers are replaced by "establishment" staff who push their propaganda on the young minds with a nice smile. Many of who, fall for the lies and turn against Harry. But beneath the smile and "caring" attitude of these teachers is total evil and a will to change the world to the way they see things. Things look desperate.

But Harry is a True Brit Wizard and will not submit and become a spokesman for them and resists, despite the mental and physical cruelty he is forced to endure in his defence of freedom and decency.

When Harry realises that civil war is now very likely, he decides to prepare for war by recruiting a few close friends and believers of him within the school. He starts to learn and teach the now forbidden dark arts to his comrades, the better to defend themselves when the time comes and come it does. The resistance is called, surprise, surprise. The Order of the Phoenix. But you must read the book or failing that, see the newly released film.

Head teachers who are having enough problems just staying alive in todays blackboard jungle are concerned at the additional burdens the order will place on their schools.

They said schools cannot be expected to solve society's problems and the extra regulation will further detract from the core task of educating children.

But now some truly frightening statistics that would make even Harry quake in his boots.

  • Official figures show that, overall, one in five schoolchildren is from an ethnic minority - a doubling of the numbers in a decade.
  • One in eight pupils now speaks a language other than English at home.
  • But five per cent of primary schools - 750 - have no ethnic minority pupils, while 360 have more than 50 per cent.

Did that sink in. I know it did. But what I find ironic, is that the crazy Commission for Racial Equality have warned that Our Country is in danger of becoming a "mini America".

I banged my head on my keyboard and thought back to the 70's and 80's when I spend all my with other activists warning that if we did not halt immigration we would wind up in the same mess as our American cousins. It was a multiracial bog then and it is worse now.

Now we warn the Americans against following our path and adding to their already critical problems by allowing Islam to flourish in what was once the Land of the Brave and Home of the Free.

Why not join our equivalent of the Order of the Phoenix and become a member of the British National Party?


najistani said...


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It is however quite permissable to denounce terrorist attacks - this is the tactic of taqiyya (deception) to confuse the gullible infidels. It is actually a virtue for a Muslim to lie to the Infidel to further the cause of Islam. So when the next batch of Kaffirs are ripped and burned to shreds by incendiary nail bombs, just ignore the statements of Muslim leaders denouncing the terrorists as a tiny minority of extremists. They will pontificate for hours, but behind their pretensions of sympathy is a virulent psychopathic hatred of the Kuffars and an unwavering support for those Muslims who attack them.

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And the humilation will increase. Islam is an honor/shame culture, and Muslims feel themselves to have been shamed by the Kuffar. Muslims have a huge number of real and imagined grievances, all of which will be avenged many times over when the time comes. They resent the political power of the Kuffar. They are insulted and humiliated by cartoons of their Pedophile and by Salman Rushdie's knighthood. Muslims envy the cultural, scientific and technical superiority of the Kuffar. They especially resent the colonial period when Kuffars occupied Dar al-Islam and built railways, roads, aqueducts, colleges and hospitals in a vain attempt to bring the inhabitants out of the Stone Age. Most of all, they resent the very existence of the Kuffar as an insult to Islam, Allah and the Pedophile.

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Anonymous said...

f--k, we could do with old Harry in this country!

Anonymous said...

True Najistani, but this time the kuffars arent sandal wearing tribesmen or women in flowing restrictive sari's. This time the kuffar is tooled up (ladies too)and just waiting for hell to break loose. Forget our pussy policemen or poncy politicians, stoned students etc. this time they'll be sorry.