Sunday, 22 July 2007

Do you live in an Eruv?

Borehamwood eruv. Click for larger image.

You have to hand it to the Jewish faith. Nobody can bend the rules and religion to suit their lifestyle the way they do.

An Eruv is a religious boundary that allows followers of the faith to do things within its area on a Sabbath that they would not be permitted to do should they follow their religion according to the book.

Things like, carry anything, even your house keys and baby are not permitted outside the Eruv. So in order to do the usual normal things of life, they have come up with a solution. They enclose an area within a notional boundary marked by walls and wires on six metre poles. Within this area they can behave as they do on any other day. Who pays for the poles? Ratepayers.

Now let me make it clear. I am not attacking the eruv on religious grounds. I am attacking it as a divider of neighbours who are and are not Jewish.

There are many eruvs in Our Country, the latest is one that surrounds Borehamwood. Irregardless of whether or not you are Jewish, if you live in Borehamwood, you are now effectively living within a Jewish enclave.

Now despite many objections from non Jews giving various reasons, planning permission was granted and now many residents feel that their wishes have been overruled. Many Christians are not happy that their places of worship are now contained within another religions boundaries.

Mr Terry Sanderson of the National Secular had the following statements to make about the eruvs.

“This is another example of excessive religious correctness. Whatever the religious want, they get, however foolish and potentially dangerous it might be. This eruv is supposed to relieve orthodox Jews from the need to observe self-imposed restrictions. Many don’t allow themselves to carry keys, for instance, or push babies in prams or even use walking sticks on the supposed Sabbath. But they believe that if they are within this special wire boundary they can be excused the need to observe such rules – rules which make no sense in the first place. “

“While other boroughs and towns are trying to reduce the number of roadside distractions and impediments, Hertsmere has added to them quite unnecessarily. These poles are a nuisance and a danger. Personally I can’t get my head round how anyone can think that the acceptability of behaviour can be determined by the erection of a few poles and wires.

You could even take the view of some residents that the motivation was more to do with making a religious statement as to show how powerful the religion is and who is really in charge.

Some other famous eruvs are The White House and the European Court of Human Rights. Why not try a google search for eruv on images. You would be surprised how many there are.

The British National Party would not grant planning permission to any religion that sought to create a religious divide by the creation of physical barriers no matter how symbolic. The BNP believes in the freedom of all true religions but believes that Great Britain is a Christian Country and that should be respected by all.


Anonymous said...

Foreigners carve up our country quite nicely dont they?
I'd like to live in a BNP "enclave" where they still respect the rule of law, where children can play unmolested and where nutty foreign cultures aren't allowed.
On another note the carving up of "history" is well underway at MPACUK.
Many people recognise Islam as a stagnant pool as far as science and progress go.
It's contributed nothing valuable to mankind since the sacking of the Byzantine library.
By an enormous co-incidence certain mathematical and scientific facts were released by Mohammedans DIRECTLY AFTER they gained access to the famous books theories and conquered scholars of this great culture.
Allah's amazing isn't he? kind of petered our then, giving rise to the notion that perhaps the mohammedans had plagiarised the work of more advanced cultures.
Now MPACUK are resurrecting all the old chestnuts about Islamic contributions to mankind apart from child brides, honour killings and a nice trick in mouth foaming.
They've cobbled together a book using "scholars" (the one just not smart enough to wire his bomb properly)
A campaign is on to get it into libraries (its it must be true)
Go have a laugh here;

Anonymous said...

We have been Balkanized and Sodomized in one foul swoop with muslim and jewish enclaves.

Anonymous said...

First of all, an eruv is not a loophole at all. The rabbis prohibited carrying in areas that might lead to carrying in Biblically proscribed areas, and they were the ones who allowed carrying in these areas with an eruv. Second of all, an eruv is not a nuisance. One usually does not even notice an existing eruv unless it is pointed out to them. Third of all, an eruv does not create a religious border. It is only a symbolic amalgamation of residences; in and of itself is not a religious symbol.

The Green Arrow said...

And what if someone like a Moslem or Christian does not wish to live within this symbolic representation?

What if he finds it offensive?

Paul said...

I'm betting you wont get much rioting flag burning or anti Jewish sentiment from the Christians. Guess who would be "outraged" though, right after they got over their offence, hurt feelings and general whining?

Anonymous said...

Do Muslims find living in an eruv offensive?

It's 100 to 1 they do, they find most other manifestations of Kufaarism offensive.

If it would encourage the creeps to leave I would be all in favour of putting an eruv round the entire coastline and telling the Muzzies it's a wicked zionist mind-control plot to radiate Jooo-rays into their brains, and the only defence against it is to wear pigskin helmets.

Anonymous said...

It represents a symbolic wall not a religious symbol. Consequentially, there is no reason to be offended by it.

Pathfinder said...

I guess if some prankster were to cut these wires, the jews inside would have no protection and could easily be snatched away by the bogeyman. What a terrible thought.

Anonymous said...

> You have to hand it to the Jewish faith.
> Nobody can bend the rules and religion
> to suit their lifestyle the way they do.

At the time I first read this post I thought I agreed with this bit.

But then I remembered Archbishob Rowan Williams's stand on gay clergy.

And that, for some strange reason, brought me to the rather interesting interpretation of the sixth commandment used by the american pro-life movement, and the bits of it that kill certain doctors.

But in the end I found enlightenment. For now I understand what the wall the jews are building around their border is REALLY about.

It's not to keep arab suicide bombers out at all.

It's to string some wires along so they can relax the rules of their religion throughout israel 24/7/365

The Green Arrow said...

Anon but it is divisive. And a symbolic wall is just as bad if not worse. A wall implies ownership of that within. I find it offensive. It is dividing us.

JOG - I thought about that also but thought it would sound crazy. Not so sure now.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday Lunch. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Big brother producer.

Now go and explore all of the content of the endemol site and be aware of the islamic influence throughout.
You will love the opening page, pure subliminal brainwashing.


Anonymous said...

No, this symbolic wall does not imply ownership, since that’s not its purpose. I would recommend that you do your homework regarding this issue before working yourself up into a tizzy. More so, it doesn’t even represent a wall to you only to Orthodox Jew, so what’s the issue.

The Green Arrow said...

Well the issue seems to be that you think it is OK and I think it is not. I am not in the habit of getting in a tizzy. I do not need a piece of wire around my world so I can live a normal life.

If there is no issue then you would not object to people who do find it offensive cutting it down. Would that be ok? After all it is just a piece of wire.

Anonymous said...

No one is asking of you to need it, but it doesn’t affect you one wit. No one said that it does not mean anything to us, only that it’s not a religious symbol so it shouldn’t be offensive to others. There is no court that found an eruv objectionable. Your objection is totally irrational. Your arguments are not substantive.

The Green Arrow said...

You really do have a problem. It is obviously a big deal to you otherwise you would have said, it would be OK to cut them down.

Do you also draw pentagrams on the floor?

No court YET? Because only now are people learning about them.

Felicity said...

This probably wouldn't be an issue anon if feelings agsainst violent mohammedans weren't running so high.
I remain pretty tolerant of foreign creeds, synagogues, temples and standing stones dont perturb me.
Unfortunately the mushrooming of mosques and the uses to which they are put (Channel 4 Dispatches) is now visible to even the most un-political citizens out there.
Its inevitable that any other foreign influences and customs come under the microscope.
I'd like Nationalists to stay focussed on our major problem, that of the Islamification of Britain and the West.
One of the favourite Muslim tactics is to claim comparison with other oppressed people and cry victim (when they aren't oppressing these people themselves)
Let's refuse to be sidelined or used by the RoP over outdated foreign foibles of other faiths.
A Hassidic or orthodox Jew wandering around inside an imaginery wire poses no threat to me shopping at Asda unless he's trying out a nice line in suicide vests.

Anonymous said...

You obviously can’t read. I stated clearly that it does mean something to us, but that it’s not a religious symbol so it shouldn’t be offensive to others. There are hundreds of eruvin all over the world and some have been in court, never has a court sided with the opposition.

The Green Arrow said...

I like you anon. Your funny in an irritating kind of way.

Let me try again. OK so if it is not offensive to others why have there been court cases? Does it make you feel superior to right roughshod over other peoples wishes?

Obviously your banging your head against a wall here. Why carry on? Laws can be changed and wires cut.

Anonymous said...

I wish I can say the same of you. However, I believe that you are just being irrational. The only reason why there where court cases was because of irrational people like you. The courts, however, saw through these unfounded arguments.

The Green Arrow said...

I'm being irrational? Your the one who needs a piece of wire running around town so you can live.

Out of curiosity why don't you just get your Rabbits or whatever they are called to change the ruling?

Anonymous said...

Since you have nothing to answer you ridicule my religion. So it boils down to being anti-religious.

The Green Arrow said...

Well be honest. Needing a piece of wire run around town does seem a bit weird. But then again if it makes you happy and it does no harm then enjoy your day of rest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your approval!!!