Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Mega Mosque Update

The planned site for the Mega Mosque with no planning permission

I am fed up with putting my little cotton socks back on. Laugh. You just gotta. Especially at thisislondon from the Evening Standard.

They are saying that the British National Party manipulated the Downing Street email collecting site to stir up racial hatred. Some of us would rather say "raise legitimate concerns".

Unable to comprehend that Jill Barham, better known as our own English Rose might just have started the petition off her own back they have to jump up on the grassy knoll and start looking for the real organisers.

Linking Jill to Chris Hill who according them is a notorious BNP activist. Well done that man. It is nice to get recognition for your efforts. The clowns say that the nationalists hijacked the petition. Can they cannot comprehend the concern of the people?

Disappointment though in Newham Councillor Alan Craig, a member of the the Christian People's Alliance. He issued a press release highlighting the petition's success but admitted to refusing to sign it despite being against the Mosque. A religious leader who will not fight for what he believes in is not worth having.

Go check the link out. It is an excellent read with some good images of where this Mosque with no planning permission will be build unless we stop it.

In the future, with BNP Councillors on planning committees you can imagine how succesful requests for plans like these will be answered. The British National Party is the only party that really cares about the Land as well as the people who live on it. We hold it in trust.


dizzyfatplonka said...

I checked out the CPA last year when one of their members was commenting on nationalist blogs trying to coax away BNP supporting christians. They are a dhimmified building bridges party when it comes to Islam.

Anti-gag said...

Bring mosque building to the attention of local people is legitimate political activity. Trying to bulldoze it through the planning stage of councils is not. People need to know when one of these nasty cult buildings is planned, in order to object. If people are keep in the dark until it’s a given the OK that’s not a democratic process.

Well done English Rose.

Chris Hill