Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Red White & Blue titbit

Received the following piece of information from one of our people on the ground.

I have to tell you that our one and only daily local newspaper, the Derby Evening Telegraph (some people call it the belly laugh!), is the usual fare of this and that, but above all it is a terrible laborious party rag.

It has a section on the local letters (Opinions) page, called 'Instant Response', where replies are posted via its website but also published in the paper. The first 3 letters in this section today are the usual sanctimonious piffle from detractors of the BNP. No letter of support is published but in a (small type) summary at the bottom of the page, entitled 'You, the Jury', it states;

'We asked: Should the BNP be allowed to hold its festival (R,W&B) in Derbyshire? You said: Yes 82%, No 18%. Isn't it a pity that this was not better reflected in the letters which headed the column?

Hat tip: Graham

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Anonymous said...

Thats a good result looks like we have a lot of Derby support.

Decent people down their of course.
And proud of their history and tradition.


Paul said...

Now must be a scarey time for detractors of the BNP. No matter the smears or harassment the ordinary people are fed upwith being told violent foreign criminals or home grown fifth columnists are "enriching" our society.
A walk around these enriched areas shows squalor unrest and a threat to the way of life our laws have ensured for centuries.
The guy on the street knows it, the BNP know it and the enemies of our people know the tide is turning.
Stiffen the resolve men and women, we're on the march!

The Green Arrow said...

Well said Paul. We must take a leaf out of the zombies book and push, push and push again.

Slowly but surely we are waking our fellow citizens up.

One day I look forward to the trials of the politicians who brought us to this.

Dougie Mason said...

I've not heard a bad word about the BNP from a variety of people from all walks of life.
While not agreeing with all their policies they seem to be the only ones with their finger on the mood of the people.
I'll be voting for them next time round and so will all the guys at work.
Good blog very informative.
Just shows the stuff the papers dont want us to see.

Felicity said...

Great news! I'm sure if every quiet supporter and waverer joined the BNP Nick would be in Number 10.
Patience friends, patience.

Anonymous said...

I think that Panorama the other night finally brought it home to most people. Despite being obviously very controlled (well it was the Black Broadcasting Co), it couldnt hide the fact that we are in deep trouble-even some of the more braindead lefties I have to endure on a daily basis have now suddenly become aware (think fear of shanty towns in their own backgardens). Although the vomit inducing media still peddle out their multicult agenda, the word on the street is totally diferent. How long before we can convert this waking up into concrete (no not Mr Broons concrete as in constant building to accomodate more "guests") changes for the better?