Monday, 16 July 2007

Do we forget so quick?

Protest about Burberry, Regent Street, 27 January, 2007

Burberry, the British?, luxury fashion group have seen their revenue grow by 30pc since they closed their profit making factory in Wales and moved it overseas where they could scrape a few more pounds in profit at the expense of the now unemployed workers of Wales.

Strikes outside these factories, run by the globalist profiteers with no loyalty to their country of origin or workers are pointless. The only thing they understand, at the moment, is money and the only way to deny them their fix is not to buy their goods.

Anyone who buys or even wears their over priced rubbish is a traitor to the working people of Our Country and should be ashamed of themselves.

The same applies to that creature James Dyson, of the cleaner that really sucks, who was recently given a Knighthood for services to Business. That really means a service to his pocket. He also closed down his profit making factory in Our Country and took the work overseas so he too could maximise his wealth. Why? to buy that Island in the Sun along with the rest of the parasites that have made immense wealth on the sweat of our workers and rewarded them with unemployment. Do not buy anything off this company. It was made at the cost of British workers suffering and foreign, semi-slave labour.

A British National Party government would know what to do. For all the workers these traitor companies employ overseas, make them pay massive import fees equal to the losses in tax and national insurance contributions. Sounds fair to me. Come on people, it is time to join the BNP. The clock is ticking.

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Anonymous said...

Its hard to remember when out shopping which companies have sold us out, however those that I know have I certainly wont buy from...after all if they dont want to employ us then how can they expect us to have the finances to purchase their products?