Saturday, 28 July 2007

Subway to go Halal

Metal shutters? A wise decision

THE sandwich chain Subway are to open halal stores in the Greater Manchester area where pork products will be banned from the shops.

Subway do not give a damn about how the animals suffer in the production of the meat they use to feed the enrichers of Our Country. All they care about is profits.

It might and that is a very dubious might, have been acceptable if they were to also to provide non Halal meat and pork for the True Brits who still live in those enriched areas but they are not even prepared to make those small concessions to the people whose forefathers build this country that the enrichers are now colonising.

Said Subway developer Hamed Al-Naqeeb: “We know there is a very strong demand for Subway stores that provide halal meats and we are very excited by this development. In the United States, there are halal stores already open that are doing great business and are very popular. The critical point about our stores is that they are very closely tied into the local communities in which they operate – and it is important that they reflect what each community needs.

Like McDonalds they care only about profits. Do not give them one penny of your hard earned money. You must boycott their stores and let them know why.

When the British National Party government of the future outlaws the practice of Halhal slaughter in Our Country, they will impose massive import tax on any meat that is slaughtered using the barbaric Halal method.

You want to keep on eating your bacon buttie then you had better start supporting the BNP or get used to being a lettuce eater.


Anonymous said...

Start a boycott of Muslim businesses.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty bad everywhere now, isn't it? Everyone is too dumb, too stupid to keep the freaking muslims at bay.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of idiots. You know nothing about Islam and absolutely nothing about the halal method of slaughtering animals. If you had any real knowledge in your tiny brains, you'd be able to do the scientific and biological research that proves that animals do NOT feel any pain with this method. The writhing and shaking of the animal after slaughter is simply muscle contraction that occurs after they are already dead. Letting the animal bleed after slaughter is scientifically proven to be beneficial for one's health. Get your facts right next time, you bunch of racist nazis. And by the way, the BNP will never rule MULTICULTURAL Britain. They are so marginal they can't even call themselves a true political party. It's laughable really.

Anonymous said...

If london was Islam, the isle of dogs would be the bnp. lol. losers. get over it, you lost your capital. AHHAHAHHHAHHA


The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

The anti-BNP comments hare are as ill informed/disengenuous as usual. One comment is correct as it states the spasms are muscular contractions from a dying animal, but omit to mention the distress and pain caused during the process - as a hunter i see this regularly in the natural world - BUT this is the natural world!. However as a civilised society the ritual Halal slaughter along with its religous conotations has no place.