Monday, 30 July 2007

BA ejects fat slug after row

Slug wanted his "women" around him for flight

What I would like to know about this incident where some jumped up, corrupt toad and a member of one of the most brutal regimes in the world held up a British Airways flight for three hours is why it took so long for the authorities to boot him and his harem of the flight.

You can read the details here. But the slugs actions caused 117 passengers to suffer a long delay that resulted in 50 passengers missing their connecting flights in London.

If this had been any other person they would have been arrested within minutes and cast into a cell to think about their actions. But Dhimmi British Airways is a as corrupt and as frightened of offending the Moslems as is our Dhimmi government.

If you think the creature should have been arrested, then you should be thinking of joining the British National Party. The BNP would really put the British spirit back into British Airways.

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Anonymous said...

Heartening to see that none of the other passengers were prepared to give up their allotted seats to accommodate these people.

Maybe the tide is beginning to turn!