Thursday, 19 July 2007

In full: Ealing Southall candidates

Johns membership of the Raving Loony Party prevented him from seeing what was happening around him.

Not much interest in this event it seems. Perhaps it is because it is not a British Election but more a get together from people from some of our old colonies.

Here is the list of candidates in the Ealing Southall by-election taking place on 19 July. Their names, and the description of who they are standing for are as described on the returning officer's official list of candidates:

# Nigel Bakhai, Liberal Democrats
# John Sydney Cartwright, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
# Sati Chaggar, English Democrats - 'Putting England First!'
# Salvinder Singh Dhillon, Respect - Peace, Justice, Equality
# Sarah Janet Edwards, Green Party
# Kuldeep Singh Grewal, Independent
# Tony Lit, David Cameron's Conservatives
# Yakub Masih, Christian Party 'Proclaiming Christ's Lordship'
# Jasdev Singh Rai, Independent
# KT Rajan, UK Independence Party
# Virendra Kumar Sharma, The Labour Party Candidate
# Gulbash Singh, Independent

I do not imagine it will be too difficult to spot either Sarah Edwards or John Sydney Cartwright at the count. He should stand out like a sore thumb. The Official Monster Raving Loony party rosette is really quite distinctive and Sarah is a green woman...I think.

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Anonymous said...

Jeez, yet another indicator that if shown to the majority might just provoke them into waking up. To think my father fought for this, its disgracefull!