Monday, 16 July 2007

Solidartiy - Members reclaim their Union

Great news. The teething problems of the only truly patriotic trade union, Solidarity are over. Now the Officers can get on with the jobs they have been elected to do. Here is the release or you can read it below.

Solidarity members have reclaimed their Union at an Emergency General Meeting. The meeting heard how all members of Solidarity had been notified of the meeting called constitutionally by 2/3rds of the membership. Notices were published on the Union website, text messages sent to mobiles and email and postal bulletins sent. Those who may have been frightened to attend had been offered personal guarantees of their safety and dedicated security to allay their fears. It was therefore a disappointment that those who have made so many allegations in recent months chose not to attend and justify themselves before our membership. Conference endorsed the actions of General Secretary in blocking attempts by the President and Vice-President to stage an unconstitutional coup. The mood was serious at the gathering held in Brentwood, Essex. Delegates voted to: - * Expand the Executive to seven places * Establish a role of Treasurer, which must be separate from both President and General Secretary * Abolish the role of Vice-President * Ratify the appointment of lay-auditors and professional accountants * Give the General Secretary powers to put to the members by postal ballot whether any Executive member should remain in office * Appoint a committee of five to study the Constitution and recommend changes to be put to postal ballot of the membership The meeting heard speeches from Mark Walker, a teacher being persecuted on account of his political beliefs, from Durham. Reports were given on recent internal disruption followed by a round-table discussion. Activity reports were given of the recent leafleting drives at parades in Southport and Belfast. General Secretary, Pat Harrington, made clear his intention to put before the members whether Clive Potter and Tim Hawke (who have been at the centre of recent internal disruption) should remain in office under his new powers. "Who goes? You decide! Potter and Hawke are up for eviction." He declared. "They will be given a chance to put their case in a short statement and then the members will decide. Firm but fair. That's our Union". Solidarity member Gary Aronsson commented: "It is right that the members are given the opportunity to decide this issue. It shows that we are an independent, democratic Union." Simone Clarke, Lindsey Nieuwhof, Adam Walker and David Kerr were appointed to the Executive of the Union. Solidarity member Dave Durant: - "Three was to small for an Executive of a Union like Solidarity. The people coming on are steady, sensible and creative folk with a lot to offer the Union. They have shown their mettle in their personal battles and will provide resolute leadership." The meeting ended with a discussion of recruitment strategy. A big push is planned over the coming months to build on recent increases. At the close, meeting Chairman Adam Walker, declared:- "The members have spoken and Solidarity is back on track!".

So now you have a chance to join a real patriotic trade union. Just as the British National Party is the only party that truly cares about Our Country. Solidarity is the only patriotic trade union that will put British Workers jobs before mad Marxist ideas of how the world should be divided up. Join the BNP and then join Solidarity. Now you are protected.


britlord said...

Watch this!!!!!

This has to be one of the most shocking and thought provoking videos I have seen in a long time. It’s a little long but well worth watching.

LionHeart said...

tut tut tut

Is that how you silence opposition.

Actions speak louder than words.

I would have expected more from you Green Arrow.


LionHeart said...

I shake my head at you....

Some people dont like the truth, shows where your morals and loyalties lye.

No wonder there is so much opposition to the BNP


Anonymous said...

One of the allegations made by Clive Potter against Patrick Harringto was this...

[b]4. Stating on Union Accounts that their was a loan to a member of £150 which is not true as the loan was given to the union, not the other way round.[/b]

There has been an interesting development on this point. Potter has now written to Harrington withdrawing this allegation. The Certification Office have put him right on his misinterpretation of the £150 in the accounts submitted to the CO. Harrington seems to be vindicated on this point. Read the whole story on the fake under the amusing page title, Solidarity Progress News.

In the course of communications we were informed that the £150 loan had been accurately recorded. Consequently, the President has since written to Mr Harrington stating that this reason for his dismissal has been revoked as stated in a letter dispatched to him.

the £150 is transparent within the accounts and the confusion arising from the information submitted on the AR21 has been clarified and resolved.

Consequently, that particular reason for your dismissal has now been removed and an amended dismissal letter is attached for your information.

The Union’s Executive apologises to you for the error incurred. As regrettable as this matter is the lack of information given to the accounts by yourself and your lack of co-operation to the investigation caused this situation to occur.

However, all the other charges as outlined in the attached letter pertaining to your expulsion still stand.

This really undermines the foundations of Potter's first claims about Harrington. It looks to me that he had decided to dump Harrington and was looking for any plausible excuse. I have asked Lancaster UAF for their thoughts or comments as they were making great play with Potter and Hawke until a week or so ago.

Anonymous said...

Solidarity have responded to the so-called 'investigation' published by the failed plotters who tried to take over the union. Check out this link