Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Children see father killed by Asian gang

At just after 4pm on Friday 6th of July, despite valiant efforts by paramedics, 52 year old Keith Brown was pronounced dead on the front lawn of his garden in Normacot, Stoke-on-Trent. The police, the local newspaper (the Sentinel), together with local TV and radio reported that Keith had died as the result of, “a dispute between neighbours”. As has become the norm when white indigenous people are killed by non-white immigrants no further details were given about the attack and the public were simply left to imagine just what might have occurred.

Had the roles of victim/perpetrator been reversed of course the media and the police would have gone to extraordinary lengths to emphasise the depths of British wickedness and speculate as to what great heights the victim would have climbed had the community not been deprived by yet another act of “white racism”.

The British people have become so used to the double standards employed in the reporting of race crime it has become understood amongst many British people that an attack on one of their own together with a non descriptive account of the assailants can mean only one thing.

Maybe there is some perverse logic operating here, perhaps with all good intentions the police and the media are justifying their selective treatment of racially-motivated assault, rape and murder as for the better interests of the community as a whole. Nevertheless, even the most twisted of liberal minds must be able to understand the consequences of completely writing off the indigenous population and that only in the relative short-term can they get away with it.

BNP presence on council

Unfortunately for those content to sacrifice their own kind on the altar of diversity, the latest Muslim gang murder of an Englishman took place in Stoke-on-Trent. This very English city regularly votes en masse for British National Party representatives with the result that, despite massive efforts by the Labour Party, a powerful block of BNP councillors sits in the Civic Hall. The people of this city are fair-minded, proud and intelligent and easily able to repel the constant stream of ethno-masochistic propaganda that is regularly directed towards them. The people of Stoke elect BNP councilors for a reason, because they believe with all their hearts that the Party and its councillors are the only ones prepared to tell the truth.

In many British town and cities the murder of another one of our own kind at the hands of yet another gang of Muslim thugs could very well be covered up, but not in Stoke. What you are about to read is the shocking and scandalous truth about the murder of Keith Brown, a man now being mourned by seven children.

Land grab

The so-called neighbourhood dispute first started when Keith Brown’s Muslim neighbours decided to move the fence that divides their property an extra two feet in their favour. Keith tried all he could to get the council’s legal team to stop the erection of concrete posts and new fence panels on his property, but despite being advised that he was “in the right” on several occasions nothing was done.

Every morning Keith would open his curtains to see this encroachment on his own bit of land, his own personal space and, as the large Muslim family started to take pleasure in goading him about the invasion of his property, his quality of life became minimal.

The relationship between the neighbours became seriously strained and it was not long before the police were called to intervene. Amazingly though it was Keith who found himself dragged before the courts on a trumped up charge of “racism”, but thankfully his West Indian neighbour appeared as a witness and described the charges as ridiculous. Eventually the case was thrown out.
Keith’s eldest son was actually sent to prison for later defending his father against a further physical assault, the injustice of which hurt Keith considerably.

Last year the brake pipes of Keith’s van were cut and he narrowly avoided a serious accident. Not long after this Keith’s beloved English bull terrier was poisoned to death and his Alsatian puppy mysteriously disappeared.

Throughout all of this time Keith and his partner had requested to move from the area to a new council house, but despite being on the housing list for years nothing was ever done for them.

CCTV footage

In desperation Keith fitted a CCTV system to his house in order to obtain video evidence of the continued racially-motivated abuse and assaults directed towards him and his family. One such assault was indeed captured on video and burnt to DVD. Last year Stoke BNP councillor Steve Batkin requested a meeting with a local police Inspector at Sutherland Road Police Station in Longton to hand over the DVD and to complain about Muslim drug dealing in the area. The female, Asian officer refused to even take the DVD and dismissed Steve’s formal complaint about the continuing assaults on Keith Brown saying that , “she knew who he was”. In the minuted meeting she at least said she would look at the narcotics issue, but later informed Steve that the alleged drug-dealing was just down to “private hire drivers falling asleep in their cars”.

The months of anguish continued for Keith, abuse, assaults and smashed windows until finally the inevitable but entirely avoidable happed. Last Friday afternoon witnesses saw Keith and his neighbours in yet another flare up. Keith had just returned from picking up his three youngest children from school when he was confronted by a group of Muslim men outside his house. Whilst Keith was remonstrating with these men another Muslim man crept from behind a car and plunged a large knife in his back. Keith never saw it coming, but his three young children did. Having brutally attacked Keith the gang then set about his 19-year-old son leaving him hospitalised.

As Keith lay dying in his garden, paramedics desperately tried to resuscitate him, but Keith had already slipped away, stabbed in the back by his murderer and stabbed in the back by those who should have protected him.
One of the things we have always been proud of in this country is that, unlike other countries, life is not cheap here. Not anymore, even in Third world countries never would the ruling elite, the police and the media despise their fellow countrymen so much that they would conspire to ensure that their lives were made the cheapest of them all.

Source BNP news


Anonymous said...

Just how low do these people go GA?,
it's very difficult to contain ones anger at the treatment of Keith by these scum, but I do contain the anger, and the great majority of us in the Christian West do, as do our Christian kin of other races throughout the civilised world.

Therein lies our problem with these murdering scum, we show restraint, turn the other cheek, offer the hand of friendship, but they only snap back like the dogs they are.

I fear the time is near, very near, when our tolerance will give out and the result will be very, very bloody.

Rest in peace Keith, you will not be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Stabbed in the back? says it all. These "guests" are now so confident in our lack of self confidence as a nation, that they know murder/rape/mugging are all plausible under this politically correct dictatorship which will go to any lengths to protect them and prevent the indigenous people rising up and fighting back. Violent crime against whites has become an everyday occurence in this country, and is admittedly reported in respective local media, albeit with the important details ommitted to protect the ethnicity of the assailants, but how do we get the bigger picture, the frightening reality that we are being picked off without the authorities caring one iota, to the public at large, who would probably wake up en masse if they realised the extent of this racial crimewave against the host population, ie themselves!

Anonymous said...

I for one am no longer prepared to "turn the other cheek", this meekness nonsense has done us no favours, and I'm sorry to say its the church that has helped us to be sheeple, and yet not protected its flock when ravenous wolves were introduced in our midst by Machevellian policy makers. I am glad to say that I dont have to come into much contact with these invaders, but when I do, I certainly wont be trusting and naive like most of us have become encouraged to be. Its not being racist, just self preservation.

Anonymous said...

I avoid the cult creeps as much as possible in my daily life.
For example, I avoid using their shops, personal shopping choice, as a consumer I have the right to choose.
Over time I have found that there are enough Brits with small shops on my way to work to supply my needs for petrol, newspaper, and a couple of bacon buttys.
For the weekly shop I use Asda knowing full well that these people have had to stack the shelves for me to select from.
I always use the same friendly local people at the checkouts.
Doesn't sound much I know, but every little helps, and if more of us did it who knows what changes we could make?

Paul said...

The Muslim was simply acting to type. It always requires a gang of them to take on one white man (the vids of restrained blindfolded prisoners surrounded by heavily armed teams of Muzzies)
The MSM has ignored this. Some websites are calling for a massive show at this poor mans funeral.
Obviously we will have to take our lead from the family, whose grief should not be underestimated or used for political gain.
But anon is right, how many outside Nationalist circles know about the extent of this cull of the indigenous Brit by the RoP?
Lets keep each other posted through the blogs and send this story to all Nationalist sites globally.

Celtic Morning said...

This is a case which will eventually be publicised and the dead man will be portrayed as a BNP thug who so tormented his docile and decent moslem neighbours that eventually , out of their fear and frustration , they were even driven to kill him . Watch for it . Wait and see it happen.Every day my loathing of these low lifes becomes greater and my contempt for the politicians who have allowed it to happen matches it . I have reached the stage where I cannot stand the sight of these creatures ,these apologies for human beings , these vermin and would wish every single one of them kicked out of our country , quickly , unceremoniously and violently if neccessary. Nick Griffin is right to have that poem hang from his wall , it ends...." When time shall count from the date , That the English began to hate." I am Welsh , British , and I have been forced into hatred by the behaviour of these savages who have come to live among us , unwanted by the British people , protected by the weasels of the British establishment . Roll on the day when the English , as a whole , hate as this lone Welshaman does . Then , and only then , will our problems begin to be solved . Let it be soon . Does this post constitute a hate crime ? Our political masters have decreed that we should not even speak out against the evil that spreads itself over our once decent county .

Paul said...

Dont sit handling yourself in the dark anon. Track that ISP addy for "anon" Green arrow and we can spread it about a bit?

Anonymous said...

We'd like to get that addy too.
We'd peacefully report you to your iman anon, then no tarty goat for you me old son.
Nothings "anon" ANON.

Kirsty (scotland) said...

We need a massive show at the funeral (if the family is willing)
Time to show these bastards the depth of feeling.

The Green Arrow said...

celtic, I have gone past caring. What can they do? Lock us all up. I would welcome being arrested and having every page I have ever written made public. I suspect today, many feel the same way.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning, your'e not a lone Welshman, believe me, us cymru have led many an uprising against oppression, Owain Glyndwr, William de Wallage to name but a couple. The good people of Wrexham too, where despite the best efforts of state cencorship, they rose up in some parts and fought back. Same can be said of the Scots in Sighthill, Glasgow a couple of years ago.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon is right Celtic. My home village in Wales is Nantyglo where one of the Leaders, Zephaniah Williams of the Chartists lived who campaigned for the following;

1. All men over 21 to be given the right to vote,
2. Voting to be conducted by secret ballot,
3. The establishment of 300 constituencies of an equal number of voters,
4. Parliamentary elections to be held every year,
5. The ownership of property to be abolished as a qualification for a Member of Parliament,
6. Members of Parliament must be paid a wage for their work.

You can read about the battle outside the Westgate Hotel here;


Eric said...

There's a horrible seething in the country among the little people, the ones who dont count.
Thats the ordinary white guy and his wife pulling on clothes every morning to go to work for a minimum wage. They get patronised and told how they're feeling by snotty cabinet ministers.
"The British people dont want the racist BNP etc etc ".
Well they do, all across the country these "little people" are realising that the BNP is sorely needed, thats why the newspapers are hushing up the death of this poor man.
I too would welcome a huge show at this funeral not only to pay respects to a fallen foot soldier and his loved ones but to show solidarity with every other Nationalist Party out there.
I would like to see us unite behind one banner for once.

The Green Arrow said...

Agreed Eric, if the family allow it, I would like to see every True Brit who could get there be there irregardless of political party or group.

Aurora said...

GA, thank you for getting the truth out. I can't believe the BBC was so weak and insipid...but then again, I guess I can. It is the BBC after all. I linked to your story and will check back for any updates you might have. God bless you and God bless England and all who fight for her.
p.s. Celtic Morning, you're a great fighter. Thanks for alerting me to this story!