Saturday, 28 July 2007

Lucky to be an Asian racist

Tools used in ethnic cleansing

Imagine if you can, what the sentence would be for a white person with eight previous convictions and two community orders if he were to launch repeated homophobic attacks on a colored person. Life? Certainly a few years of porridge for sure.

But not if you are an asian homophobic racist. A sentence of just 4 months should do the trick and with time off you will soon be back on the street to continue your local area ethnic cleansing.

Mr Parker said the pair went to a shop to buy some drinks; another vehicle pulled up at the entrance and the gang shouted: ‘We thought you would have left by now. If you don’t, we are going to stab you.’ The gang’s car drove off and Mr Juin, who was again very scared, told Mr Norris to keep on driving. The trouble continued at traffic lights, where two men came around the corner from Deardengate, opened the doors and tried to get in the victim’s car; Mr Juin was again abused.

A just an equal society. Yeah, right. When these animals say they are going to stab you they mean it. Read the details here.

You want justice? You want the BNP. Only the British National Party will defend you, your family and the rights won for you by your forefathers.


najistani said...

Remember how the moonloons made a fuss because someone had left a koran in the toilet.( I can't think why, the paper isn't absorbant and it scratches your arse. Maybe it's a cure for constipation. Reading that shit probably induces bowel movements)

Anyway, as Sun Tzu said "If your opponent is quick to anger, irritate him." so maybe this story should be given more publicity to see if it gets the bombheads foaming at the mouth:

Gay Artist Burns Rare $60,000.00 Koran

NEW YORK, July 26, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Charles Merrill, the artist who recently edited the Holy Bible with a black marker and pair of scissors, has lately burned a rare Islamic Holy Book, The Koran, valued at $60,000.00, in an undisclosed Chicago location. "The purpose of editing and burning Abrahamic Holy Books is to eliminate homophobic hate," Merrill stated. "Both ancient books are terrorist manuals."
He continues, "I inherited the rare Islamic book from my late wife, Evangeline Johnson Merrill.

As the daughter of the founder of the international pharmaceutical giant, Johnson and Johnson, Inc., doors of kings and queens opened to her around the world.

Evangeline was given the rare manuscript by the late King of Jordan when she was on a mission for the United Nations in the 1950's."
"Airplanes are flown into buildings because of words, and hate crimes against gays," Merrill said.


Britlord said...

A Black Professor calls for white people to be EXTERMINATED!

Britlord said...

Oh and i forgot to add some people in the comments are saying he is a Moslem.

najistani said...

More on the Koran in the crapper: It's now officially a mindcrime in the United States to violate Islamic law. At Pace University, a man has been arrested and will face "hate crime" charges for throwing a Koran into a toilet, after the university caved in to demands from Muslim students:

Anonymous said...

I feel a certain sense of irony when I think of all the slurs bandied against Nationalists from the homosexual community in the past, and now, realising that we are in fact, the last bulwark against a culture and mindset that really does mean them harm. I suspect a growing number of "alternate lifestyle" followers are fast realising that the guests whose cause they championed for so long will not, having now gained the upper hand, be so tolerant of their "human rights"

ayatollah Khomeini said...

Hey brothers in Islam - it's time to hit the streets. An Egyptian scholar says it's OK to kill kuffar children and rape kuffar women.

Personally I'd rather do it the other way round as I find Kuffar women intimidating. That's why I like to get my end away with the kids and incinerate the slags.

Now before we get all the islamophobic and racist abuse from the BNP fascists, let me just point out that we don't intend to cause any trouble, we're just ordinary Muslims going about our business of peacefully raping and killing the Kuffars as Allah intended.

Check us out at

The Green Arrow said...

Najistani, thank you for the links. I am sure we can do something along those lines.


I have been thinking about writing something for the homosexual community for awhile now. Today might be the time to do it.

ayaytollah, my apologies, for some reason this site is full of BNP supporters. I shall point them to the source so they may learn the truth.

Thanks for the links guys. Appreciated my more than you think.