Tuesday, 17 July 2007

MP Mugged - No laughing

I knew you wouldn't. Although you might laugh at some of the things said by Labour MP, Jim Dobbin when he was mugged by a white youth who also stole his car.

As a result of the attack this hero of the revolution has said he will no longer go out on his own.

"In a position like mine sometimes these things can happen," he said.

"It's not really safe for me to be walking round on my own so I'm going to have to have someone with me."

Now I am not sure what he meant by position. Is his any different to any other person who risks their lives on the streets of Our Country in these lawless times?

I also have news for him. It is not safe for anyone to be walking around on their own these days. He obviously does not realise that the Labour Party is one of the biggest criminals responsible for bringing Great Britain to its knees.

Anyhow there are two reports that you can read. One here and another there.

OK - i confess. I laughed my little cotton socks off.

If Jim really would like to be able to walk the streets safely then perhaps he should consider switching to the British National Party. The BNP would soon reclaim the streets.

Last a word of praise to the police from Jim, who was treated the same as any other citizen who has been attacked on the street.

"I would like to thank the police, they were fantastic; they were with me in three or four minutes from Middleton Police Station after the incident and helped me talk through the incident afterwards."


Anonymous said...

> I would like to thank the police, they were fantastic; they were with me in three or four minutes

But only because this guy was an MP.

In 1981, when I was woken by the sound of a thug destroying a car outside my house at 2am, I called the local police station, spoke instantly to an officer - and four of them were outside my house arresting the thug before I could run to the back door, pick up an axe and run into the front.

Last year when I was woken by the sound of thugs destroying card in the street, the call centre kept me waiting for minutes telling me my call was important to them until finally some anonymous oik said they were sorry no one was available to call. So I went outside waving my axe and chased the bastards away until they jumped into the river.

But the Chief Constable tells me not to worry because my perception and fear of crime far outweighs the real possibility of my experiencing it.

My fragrant arse it is mate. And I'd appreaciate a bit less pontification from you, you lying scum. Because if I came kicking your garage door in an armed response unit would be on YOUR street in seconds.

Anonymous said...

er.. that's CARS they were destroying in my street last year, not reformed pressed trees .... bloody keyboard.

Celtic Morning said...

Dobbin,ever the plodding workhorse, now intends to get himself a minder so he can walk safely in his constituency. So we can expect his expenses next year to be even greater than the £123,000 he claimed in 2005/2006.It should never be pleasant to see any old person become the victim of our violent,lawless society but like everyone else, I must say this incident pleased me and I wish we could have many more like it. Perhaps then,the morons who seek to control our lives would take the first steps toward putting the matter right.What an admission to make - Dobbin cannot plod safely through the streets of his own constituency, in broad daylight.After a lifetime of uselessness in politics perhaps it would be better if he stepped down.The voters should put old Dobbin out to grass.

Felicity said...

Check out this latest from the kebab shop brothers of MPACUK.
Muslim kicked off plane by Thompsons pilot because he asked to enter the crew area to "pray".
They've kindly supplied an address to complain to. Lets all write Thompsons Airlines to congratulate them on well trained pilots putting passenger safety first?
Heres the link http://www.mpacuk.org/content/view/3867/1/

Anonymous said...

Hi felicity, I read through the comments on that mpacuk alert.

Looks like the site was rather selective in only picking bits of the story. And it was the galley he wanted to pray in - alone - while carrying a bottle of water - well they say it was water.

But I found an interesting comment in the discussion from someone calling himself Solaiman:

And I'll be as selective in picking bits of his comment as they were in reporting the story...

"There are some Muslim prats I know, who will insist on reading prayer wherever they want and if permission is not given they start throwing hissy fits."

Right on

"Non-muslims are on edge about terrorists on planes.Could this Muslim brother not have worked that out before hand and prayed before or later?

You got that right

"We are uneducated ingrates who remain illiterate considering this country provides us free education"

At last. A moslem speaking the truth. They'll probably behead him tomorrow.

" and we do not remove the leaders that fail us. See Blackburn for case in point. Straw kills Muslims in Iraq yet we still vote for him."

Now THAT's an interesting point. Why DID they vote for Jack Straw ?