Saturday, 7 July 2007

Richard Littlejohn - Fox or Hound?

Cable Street - How many whites live in the East End now?

There is an article in todays Mail on Saturday by that professional, paid defender of Free Speech, Richard Littlejohn that you must read.

But first, some background to my impressions and dealings with this man. Over many, many years I have been driven to write to him about his articles on almost everything and in fairness to Littlejohn, he usually replied himself to the numerous letters and emails. But we are not always in agreement.

But there is one thing that I have never been able to accept from Littlejohn and this is, his constant attacks on the British National Party in which he usually describes their activists and supporters in the following terms, moronic, knuckle dragging, thugs, criminals or Nazis, etc, etc, without evening knowing me, my brothers, parents, friends or family. Terms which certainly describe no BNP person I have ever met or suspect have you.

Now this is where the man, for some reason has lost the plot on reality and I find this difficult to understand from a person with access to so much information and such a grasp on the truth of the World. Why does he do it?

No matter that large numbers of BNP supporters actively speak in defence of Israel, Blog sites display their support for that sad, endangered nation and Jews are welcome in the party, he still attacks the BNP. Why?

I suspect that our Richard has had a form of brainwashing carried out on him by sections of the Jewish Community who would still hate the BNP even if they had helped in the attacks on the St Davids Hotel or hung British Soldiers. Acts of terror that some of us, myself included, find hard still to accept but have learnt to move on and build bridges from the bad feelings and perhaps hatred of the past. We have put the past behind us. So must the British Jews. They must support the BNP. We have a common enemy that threatens both the existence of both Jew and Christian.

But in his article, in which he praises the physical attacks on the supporters of Oswald Mosley by the puppets of the Labour movement at Cable Street in 1936. He wrote supporting, the violence carried out by the workers under the direction of the communists and therefore appears to support the violence and intimidation still being carried out by the reds today.

But where were the left when the new immigrants started to arrive in the East End and the rest of Our Country? Why still supporting the immigrants who have displaced the True Brits and now makeup the majority in what was once Our Capital city. One wonders would the dockers have rushed to Cable Street had they seen the future.

Yet still people think that Richard Littlejohn is one of them. When in fact he is an enemy of the people - hopefully a misguided one who can learn - but at this moment he is just a permitted steam valve on the pressure boiler of Great Britain to which some of his masters have provided the fuel to make it boil.

You must make a decision Richard. It is no longer acceptable for you to run with the fox and hunt with the hounds.


Felicity said...

Excellent post GA, as was I have to say Richard Littlejohn's.
There are certain iconic images of the past embedded in the minds of the last generation (to which you and LJ and I belong)
The images of burning crosses on the lawns of negro's, the emaciated Jews in striped clothing and yellow stars, those were the images we saw in history lessons at school.
Films were made showing the monster in man when its unleashed.
I have discovered depths of hatred I didn't know I had on some occasions. How long would it be before I burned a cross/crescent moon on the lawn of a terrified family? I felt fear, not of Muslims, but of what is there, under the surface in me.
The only thing seperating us from the fanatics is the long shared history of fairness and tolerance of my/our ancestors and the evolution to know that God/Creator morphs as we do from tyrant to friend. No instructions in a book will make me slash the head of my child for the pleasure of a primitive deity.
I suspect LJ feels the same. Anger, revulsion and rage culminating in that cold sweat that yes, he's just thought of interrment for the whole Muslim population, man woman and child and a part of him COULD be that guard.
Then the fear of the Far Right of Hitler, Mussilini and Genghis Khan rising again sets in.
I support the BNP because they are a safety valve for my feelings which have been ignored.
I thought long and hard before taking that step, like LJ.
I now know that far from being the party of the gas chamber, its the party of sanity which will prevent the horror to come.
I suspect there are many in the Muslim community hoping the BNP do well as they too need protection from the monster now unleashed in their own people.

Hilda said...

Those two brothers above the kebab shop (MPACUK) aren't taking LJ lying down oh no, they (in typical moaning muzzie fashion) are mobilising the Ummah to complain about his authored piece AHEAD of screening!
Must be embarressing to be outed as two misfits above a kebab shop when they are trying to give the impression of "importance".

Kirklees resistance said...

I've written to Littlejohn on several occassions and never had a reply yet despite being polite. He's a wanker as far as i'm concerned.There's a piece on my blog about him, don't know if you read it or not. People like him are more dangerous than any leftie because they steal our policies and then slag us off making people question their beliefs and preventing them from voting for us. He knows all too well what he's doing. He's a coward. He knows to openly support us would end his career so to continue to say what he wants he slags us on a regular basis just to keep himself in a job. I have no respect for him whatsoever he's just in it for himself like the rest of the hypocrites

Celtic Morning said...

Kirklees Resistance is spot on . I too have often contacted Littlejohn , sometimes he replies , sometimes not , fair enough . He could be such an asset to the Nationalist cause for he has the ability to hit where it hurts in a humourous yet devastating manner and people take notice . Unfortunately , as Kirklees say , he is a coward . And a traitor . For he sees and speaks and then does his best to make sure that the solution to the problem , the BNP , will never be elected .He takes the money and hides , safe in his own little cocoon as the country , in his own favoured expression " goes to hell in a handcart ". A far better article in yesterdays Mail was " Battle of Blood Rock " which dealt with the Seige of Malta when the moslem army was smashed by a small heroic band of Christian Knights who overcame massive odds - just as we Britons must do for the rest of this century . Our battle has started and when the reinforcements , the British public , eventually swing behind us , then the moslem hordes will be repulsed once again . No thanks to forked tongue journalists like Richard Littlejohn.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see others have the same opinion. I too have politely writtn to him, although others have obviously fared better than I, as I never receive a reply!. My last comments were asking him to either put up or shut up, as continually highlighting the issues without giving the only real answer is wasting everyone time. Although I try to give him the benefit of the doubt by imagining him being in a position where he cant be openly seen to back the BNP, in reality I too suspect he speaks with fork tongue and uses his column as a way of luring the reader into believing he sees things for what they are, and then uses this as a weapon to discredit the BNP. he is a traitor, pure and simple, not the first, and certainly not the last unfortunately.

Felicity said...

Having read your posts gentlemen I see where you're coming from.
he does seem to criticise the illness but withold the treatment.
I stand corrected.