Friday, 6 July 2007

Soldarity - Nothing worthwhile is easy

Nick Griffin has posted the following out to his Organisers:-

"SOLIDARITY “ nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but we are getting there!

The independent nationalist trade union Solidarity is now making good progress. General Secretary Pat Harrington has in the last week successfully concluded two cases and taken on another. He acted as union rep for a member at a grievance hearing at the huge Honda plant at Swindon. Whereas our man’s previous union had failed to deal with the matter, Solidarity got the problem resolved. Advice to a member in London with a problem with unpaid statutory sick pay led to the victim of unfair treatment getting the pay that was his proper due. And more good local media coverage has been gained on account of Solidarity representing persecuted BNP teacher Mark Walker, whose case continues and is looking good.

Mark, who is acting as Election Agent for BNP candidate Andrew Spence in the forthcoming Sedgefield by-election, told the BNP website news team that “when I was first suspended on account on my political beliefs, I felt a bit lost and alone. But the support of Solidarity, and the advice on what to do to fight back, has been tremendously useful, both from a practical and morale point of view. And it only costs £5 a month instead of the £14 I used to have to pay to the worse-than-useless N.U.T, who turned their back on me when I needed them most!”

Clearly the need - and potential – for Solidarity is enormous, and we repeat our earlier calls for all nationalist sympathisers in employment to join straight away. The union now has a new official address: Solidarity Trade Union, PO Box 93, Spennymoor, DL16 9AN

It has emerged that a significant number of letters to the old Leicester PO Box were not getting answered. We do not know if this was an internal failure, or if left-wing postmen were interfering with deliveries there. Either way it is essential to stop using that address, particularly for sending money. Any letters or emails advertising or purporting to come from Leicester should be ignored, and any literature advertising that address must be destroyed.

The recent temporary address for General Secretary Pat Harrington, Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD is still fine, and should be used by Solidarity members who have not yet written in to support the call for an EGM on 14th July.

More than two thirds of the members have now written or emailed ( backing the EGM, but the remaining members who have not yet signed up to this are encouraged to do so as well so, as to give as near 100% approval as is possible. New members are also entitled and encouraged to add their voices to this call. Please note that Solidarity’s Paypal system is working properly and is in safe hands.

Solidarity members have now been notified of the meeting point for the EGM, which will be held near Brentwood in Essex, starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday 14th July.

The EGM is needed to resolve several problems. Several weaknesses in the existing constitution have come to light “ this is really no surprise in such a new and ambitious initiative, but obviously the sooner they are put right the better. In addition, it is essential to tidy up the aftermath of the wholly unconstitutional attempted replacement of the General Secretary by a man only involved a few weeks and already expelled from his local BNP branch on account of disruptive behaviour and strong suspicion of being a Marxist infiltrator.

Among the failed tricks, British National Party members have been told that Third Way people are trying to hijack Solidarity, and TW members have been tipped the wink by the same person that the BNP is planning to purge them! A very clear “ and wholly dishonest - attempt has been made to set genuine nationalists at each others throats. There are of course policy and tactical differences between the two organisations, but these have no bearing at all on our willingness or ability to co-operate for the common good on this non-party political matter.

Finally, the EGM on 14th July will be asked to agree to the enlargement of the Executive from three to seven. Among those who will be putting themselves forward are Mark Walker’s brother Adam “ also a BNP teacher and also persecuted for daring to hold Politically Incorrect views - and Simone Clarke, the brave BNP ballerina, who is also an experienced union rep.

This will bring fresh talent and breadth to the Solidarity leadership and allow it to get on with the job of building a union that will defend the rights of all nationalist workers. The strange and off-putting combination of Searchlight-style fantasy rhetoric (True National Socialist values), sickly sympathy for East European scab labour, and suggestions that the union should be "distanced from the BNP", which has emerged from the old Leicester PO Box will be over for good.

Whether the recent problems were caused by a personal power grab, or a far-left wrecking operation is still unclear. Suffice it to say that, with hindsight, it would not really be surprising if the setting up of an independent nationalist trade union alarmed the far-left enough to provoke an attempt to take it over and strangle it at birth.

If that is what has been going on, it is now clear that the attempt has failed. Solidarity will emerge from these birth pangs stronger than before. A major recruitment campaign will be launched by the middle of this month, and advertising has now recommenced in BNP publications. A Solidarity information stall and workshop sessions will be run at the BNP Summer School and the Red, White and Blue.

In addition, a number of BNP members with experience which could help to build Solidarity and protect its members have been identified and will be receiving targeted recruitment appeals in the hope of getting them involved as well.

In another welcome development, 10,000 special Solidarity leaflets will be handed out on the main12th July Parade in Belfast. Many other unions have over the years gained an ugly reputation for supporting Republican sectarianism, so post-Peace Process Northern Ireland is a promising place for non-sectarian Solidarity. This is particularly true in view of the Ulster Third Way long and very constructive attempts to encourage a more "family" atmosphere and to reduce the old sectarian tensions of the Twelth. The BNP isn' the only organisation to have worked out that bouncy castles have more public appeal than boots!

There is no doubt at all that the far-left are petrified of the potential of Solidarity, both as a union in its own right and as a solid organisational base and union training school, from which BNP members and other nationalists and patriots can in due course set about rescuing other union branches from the clutches of the Marxist left. There are millions of decent, patriotically minded trade unionists in Britain, and they have been herded down a far-left blind alley by just a few thousand hard core extremists and greedy timeservers.

The power and influence of these people is immense but fragile. It is far weaker than the grip of the Labour party in vast swathes of local government. So we look forward to bringing you more good news about Solidarity in the near future, and hope you will join in the meantime.

To keep up with all the latest news from Solidarity, the independent nationalist trade union, log on to"


Anonymous said...

It's terrific to get some backing from NG. He has hit the right note with this upbeat tone. The work of the union is going full-speed ahead despite the best efforts of some within the EC to stymie things.

The Green Arrow said...


Agreed. I have been really waiting for Nick Griffin to show his support. That for me is the icing on the cake of my day.

Anonymous said...

Here's an update from Solidarity clarifying matters clouded by a misleading pseudo-bulletin issued by Clive Potter.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deconstructing the pseudo bulletin

A powerless out-of-touch clique on the Executive Committee has isolated themselves from the bulk of Solidarity members after their attempted coup d’etat failed. They tried to suspend General Secretary Patrick Harrington on vague insinuations about the union’s accounts. In desperation, they have produced a factional bulletin in order to confuse enough members to allow them to hang on for a little while longer.

The pseudo-bulletin purports to ‘correct’ a previous official bulletin:
”Solidarity will not be attending the annual 12th July parades in Belfast or Southport due to the sectarianism [sic] of the parades. As a union we welcome all people from the divided communities of Northern Ireland and we are deeply concerned with positioning ourselves with positioning ourselves with a particular sector of the people due to the tensions that exist. We strongly approve of the peace process and respect and admire all the citizens of Northern Ireland and we would consider participating in cross-partisan events."

This attitude needs to be deconstructed. The union has never declared an official policy on the Northern Ireland peace process although we are naturally glad that workers are no longer murdered as they go about their daily business. We do indeed welcome all people from all parts of Northern Ireland society. However, we’re not going to sit on our haunches and expect them to come to us. That’s why we are not sitting waiting to ‘welcome’ people who have never heard of us. That’s why we are not passing up the opportunity to distribute leaflets to the thousands out for the day in Belfast, Southport and Scarva at huge public gatherings of largely working class Britons.

It is unfair to denigrate public displays of patriotic feeling as ‘sectarianism’. This reflects badly on the authors of the pseudo-bulletin. In today’s more peaceful environment in Ulster, much effort has been made by organisers and community groups to transform the annual Twelfth demonstrations into a festival of fun for all the family. Folk whose cherished traditions have been traduced are hardly likely to join our union if they think that the members of our Executive Committee despise them! As for ‘cross-partisan events’ we’ll be delighted to distribute leaflets there too as we did to lookers-on at the Belfast May Day parade earlier this year.
That's why we are going ahead with distributing leaflets at these events.

The author of the pseudo-bulletin claims to expect to promote the union and its values at the annual BNP-organised Red-White-Blue family festival, but “ we shall not be providing workshops or grand speeches as implied in the last bulletin since it would jeopardise our position as an independent Trade Union”.
All political parties attract fringe events that are not organically connected to the event organiser. Single-issue groups and campaigns are interested in gaining support for their aims and objects from members of generally sympathetic political parties without prejudicing their organisational independence. This is just as true of the RWB as it is at the Labour Party Spring conference or even the Glastonbury Festival.
That’s why the union will be conducting fringe workshops at the RWB festival.

The folk who attend this event will form the natural bedrock of grassroots support for the union. This opportunity to promote the benefits of union membership; to conduct fringe workshops and give a rousing recruiting speech to a potentially sympathetic audience will not be thrown away!

We are not a cosy little vanity project for a do-nothing president and his hangers-on. We are a fighting, campaigning union. We do not expect to recruit members by posting up a website and hoping to attract them by some form of electronic osmosis. We are going out of our way to recruit new members and to represent the interests of ordinary, decent British workers

Financial Smears

The pseudo bulletin makes a number of vague and unsupported allegations about Union finances. Mr Hawke is quoted as saying that he has "strong reasons to believe that the AR21 form (accounts document) is highly inaccurate". He goes on to describe it as a "deeply dubious version of our financial report."

We understand, however, that the AR21 has now been submitted by Hawke and Potter to the Certification Officer. We must ask therefore what "strong reasons" Hawke had not to sign the form which have so rapidly evaporated. Obviously if they have now decided that the form and accounts are OK (as originally presented to them) it was never "deeply dubious".

No doubt the liars will come out with fresh allegations but they have no credibility.

Fake Minutes

Alongside pseudo bulletins the wreckers have also been pointlessly busy fabricating Executive minutes. They had a problem as they had managed to suspend Pat Harrington at an inquorate meeting to which he had not been invited. Their ingenious solution? Say that he was suspended at an earlier meeting which he did attend and produce fake minutes from the "recollection" of 'decent' Tim Hawke. The only problem is that two other non-Exec members were invited to that meeting and rejects his 'minutes' as incorrect. In particular they have sent statements to say that no investigation was proposed of Pat Harrington and that he was not suspended. This is also confirmed by a long trail of documents (emails and letters) which passed before and after. Not only, then, is their version of events untrue - it can be proved to be so.

Contempt for membership

The pseudo bulletin stated that the wreckers do "not recognise this EGM". Our Constitution is clear that 2/3rds of the membership may call an EGM. They have done so. Whether the wreckers recognise it or not it will be making binding decisions. Their attitude shows contempt for the membership who want to act to move our Union forward with a united leadership.

Expect more misinformation

We have deconstructed the pseudo bulletin. No doubt the wreckers will produce more. If you are on email we suggest you report anything sent from them as spam and drop a note to their service provider reporting their unsolicited mailings. If you get it through the post just recycle it appropriately!

We expect that their next move will be to announce that our General Secretary has been expelled from the Union by their kangaroo committee! This will be treated with the same contempt as their earlier pronouncements. They have no power and consequently will be ignored.

They are facing a resolute body which recognises them for what they are. They have no way of winning and no way of going back.

Third Way Statement on Solidarity

The Executive of the Third Way fully support the Solidarity Union's calling of an Emergency General Meeting for July 14th.

The disruption of the vital work of Solidarity at such an early stage of its development is difficult. There has been a great deal of speculation as to the causes and motivation of the small number of individuals involved in this disruption. We do not profess to have all the answers but we can say this. The unprofessional treatment and sniping directed at the General Secretary (and a member of the Third Way's Executive) commenced almost from the beginning. We believe that these individuals did not appreciate our involvement for political reasons. Whether that stemmed from a fear of our positive and well-founded ideology or fear that we would make the Union successful we do not know.

Being a Libertarian body we are prepared to work with all manner of individuals and groups if they
a) Broadly support a common and specific cause
b) Is a legal and 'sane' body.
Our involvement does not imply and endorsement of the opinions of others. It simply indicates that we are prepared to work in coalition with anyone who shares our views on the matter at hand.

We support the Solidarity Union because it robustly defends o member’s jobs from globalisation (reflecting our nationalism) and does not persecute political rivals/opponents (reflecting our liberalism). Such a Union is long overdue.

We are confident that the steadfast and loyal members of Solidarity will resolve this minor if somewhat irritating disruption in due course and then we can all get back to building one Big, and successful, Union! We assure you that your comrades and brothers in Third Way continue to back you 100%.

Anonymous said...

EGM goes ahead on Saturday July 14

The required two-thirds of Solidarity members have now expressed a desire for an Emergency General Meeting on July 14. The meeting will discuss important Constitutional and operational matters

So far members have submitted motions which:-

Propose increasing the Executive to seven places
Create a dedicated role of Treasurer
Change the Registered Office of the Union
Create a committee to look in detail at the Constitution of the Union and make proposals

The meeting will be held in the Borough of Brentwood, part of Essex in England.It is located in the London commuter belt, 20 miles (30 km) east north-east of Charing Cross in London and near to the M25 motorway.

It is also situated on the Great Eastern Main Line.

Train services are provided by 'one'. The typical off-peak service from the station sees six trains per hour between Shenfield and London Liverpool Street. On Saturday, July 14 trains from Liverpool Street depart at.






Journey time is just over 30 minutes.

Re-direction will be from outside Brentwood BR Station from 11am. A number of stewards will be on hand to give you directions to the meeting place. Please bring your Union membership card and photographic ID with you to assist our stewards. Please note that no cameras or recording equipment may be used without the permission of the General Secretary. If you wish to apply for such permission please e-mail Additionally, due to security considerations you may be subject to search on entering or re-entering the meeting. Female stewards will be on duty as well as male. We also advise that you bring a packed lunch as no lunch break will be held.

Please ignore any communication which tells you that the EGM has been cancelled or will not go ahead. This will be enemy/factional propaganda. If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of communications sent to you please e-mail