Tuesday, 17 July 2007

We must all be cut up to serve the ethnic minority

Forget for the moment that in some places in the world where everyone is a potential organ donor unless opted out. Some patients have been told that they will go to the back of the treatment queue because they have exercised their legal right to opt out, you might want to go check this out on JohnOfGwents site.

The link there makes interesting reading. Take some time out to read his other stuff. Pretty good I think.

Not content with bleeding us to death with their taxes they now want our bodies after death. How long before they start selling parts on the open market. Remember what happened to Boxer, the strongest hardest working horse in Animal Farm?


Anonymous said...

I like pork sausages, roast pork, bacon butties, boiled ham, cured hams etc, as do a huge number of us Brits.
So would Earnie ethnic want my bits, me being a pig eating kaffir and porky pig being haram?
I dont think they have thought this through very well.

Celtic Morning said...

Well no one would want my worn out old bits and pieces anyway but I like to think that I wouldnt be sliced up just as soon as I breath my last.I imagine the team of surgeons hovering, scalpels at the ready, waitng for the last pulse,the final breath before hacking away.At least,I hope they would wait...Still,they would be welcome to any bits and bobs before the rest of me went up in smoke.But its very much a personal thing and doesnt always apply.When I lost someone very dear to me I could not bear the thought of her body being disected and violated.It was the last thing I would allow and it would have made my sorrow even harder to bear. We are all different,I admire those who agree to this treatment for the body of loved ones,good luck to them but not in every circumstance and there are many like me and it should not be automatically assumed that the removal of organs is always,inevitably,agreeable.We have seen the fury of many people when it was disclosed that organs had been removed,without permission,for scientific research in our hospitals,even when,in many cases it would help find cures for the ailment that killed that person.We have seen the ludicrous sight of relatives burying small boxes containing the parts removed,we have seen the claims for compensation,surgeons reviled. Doctors and scientists sometimes need the restraint of their not-so-talented fellow citizens to curb their grand schemes and excesses and this is one such time.Carry a card if you agree to it,no card, no organs.Lets have some choice, dont let the mighty State decide everything for us .

Felicity said...

And lets not forget all those Muslim "doctors" who went to the same "Allah is the Greatest" University of Tehran with what passes for a "scholar" in Islam.
Would our heads end up waving from a jihadi pole on Al Jazeera Family T.V, Big Mo's Night In?