Friday, 27 July 2007

Goodbye Keith Brown - BNP Activist

We will not forget you. We never forget.

The funeral of BNP activist Keith Brown was held in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent yesterday (26th). As Keith’s coffin was driven to St Bartholomew’s chapel over one hundred British National Party supporters were waiting outside in the pouring rain.

Keith was murdered earlier this month in his own garden in front of his family; a victim of a brutal racist attack carried out by a gang of Muslim thugs.

At the specific request of his widow, six Stoke BNP councillors carried his coffin into the church; there was no sound other than that of greenfinches and goldfinches singing in the conifers in the church yard.

Inside the church there was not enough room and as people stood at the back of the church where rain was pouring through holes in the roof, many remained outside unable to get in.

The service itself was short with the vicar referring to the fact that the church was full and how that must have given great strength to the family.

Outside the church one journalist from a local TV station interviewed BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin and to the amazement and disgust of those gathered around, referring to the tense atmosphere that exists in Stoke between native Britons and the Islamic newcomers, actually asked him if his presence was actually making matters worse.

At the solemn internment service in Longton, amongst the many floral tributes was a beautiful and striking St George cross sent by Burnley & Padiham BNP.

Nationalists have long memories and nobody attending the service will ever forget the sight and sound of Keith’s young children crying out for their murdered father. For this is life on the frontline of multiracial Britain and unfortunately Keith will not be the last to be taken from us in such circumstances. Those politicians and their politically-correct media lackeys who make their living selling Keith and his countrymen and women into multiculturalism would do well to enjoy the fruits of their sordid and treasonous exploits while they still can.

Goodbye Keith, the manner you were taken from us was horrific and brutal but now may you rest in peace. You will be remembered always.

Donations and messages of support to Keith’s family can be sent to:

P.O Box 2641,

Source BNP News


Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Nick Griffin obviously deeply upset spoke to BNPTV after the funeral. His few well chosen words gave a moving testimony to the fact that he is the only politician in this country who cares about it's native people and has the courage to say so.

Rest in peace Keith, well said Nick Griffin.

Now go and join the BNP.

Celtic Morning said...

Compare Nick's moving appearance on bnptv, after the funeral service, with the empty platitudes of Blair, Brown,Ca moron as our troops are killed fighting in foreign lands.Nick is that rarity, a political figure who cares deeply for his country and feels the anguish and frustration of true patriots.This tragic day affected him badly and he spoke, as usual, with sincerity. No wonder he has been overwhelmingly re elected as our leader.