Thursday, 26 July 2007

Keith Brown - Funeral today

Today is the funeral of one of our own. Keith Brown, murdered by the politicians who brought multiculturalism to Our Country.

Today is our brothers funeral. A man prepared to stand up and speak out for his family. A man not afraid to confront the enemy at the gates.

How many of our fellow citizens out there feel the same way as Keith did but do not speak for fear of being branded a racist? Or do not speak because of fear of attack?

How many of us click at keyboards and talk the talk but inside ask themselves, if they will fight when the time comes? By a certain age a man should know himself. The murder of Keith Brown as made me more determined to fight both in cyberspace and if the time comes then also on the street. I will be proud to stand next to men like Keith Brown no matter what the outcome.

Today is Keith Brown's funeral. Never forget him.

The British National Party need more men and women with the courage of Keith Brown to carry on the battle for Our Country and Our Children's future. Pick up the gauntlet and join the BNP. They need you. Justice needs you.


Felicity said...

I hope there is a good turnout for the sake of his widow and children.
Poor man, rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Mr Brown. Go to your rest in the sure and certain knowledge that you will be remembered well by those who care for what you cared for.

Let us never forget him, and our efforts be that much more spurred on by his sacrifice.

j.owens said...

Never mind the spelling and grammar, just concentrate on the inaccuracies, eh?

Anonymous said...

Do you know what J. Owens?, I rea lly despise lefties who imagine they have an air of superiority, leave snide remarks on the few comments boards (mainly Nationalist) that actually allow you to post without registering (which all the "intellectual" left blogs dont-is that so no one can enter into a debate that will show them to be the ignoramuses that they are repeatedly shown to be?). No ammount of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors take away the fact that Mr Brown was indeed a hero, who should not have died in his own country by the hand of out of control and above the law immigrants. Lets hope Mr Owens (a fellow Welshman? I hope not, as I would be ashamed to be associated with you!) that none of your loved ones, if you have any that is, die or suffer at the hand of the "guest", because that might just be your wake up call, sadly too late. It is indeed a lowly man that would gain satisfaction from the demise of another, especially if that man died trying to protect your right to a peacefull existence!

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you anon for your defence and of course you are right about the red blogs. I still sometimes try to leave comments but all rather pointless as they will not publish them. I suspect that they they read the first line and if it does not suit they delete it rather than discover they may well be wrong.

j.owens can be the dog at the feet.