Wednesday, 25 July 2007

How to solve the rubbish problem

A Tri-Axis Councillor feeding off the people

In desperate measures to safeguard their fat salaries and pensions, tri-axis councils the length and breadth of our enslaved nation have taken to try a new wheeze to protect them from the wrath of their constituents.

They hope that by farming out rubbish collection to private companies they can not only pick up brown envelopes from grateful exploiters of the public purse but then when the complaints reach a crescendo they can use the old "you will have to take it up with the company responsible" line.

A classic example of life in a gestapo controlled council is Newquay in Cornwall where residents have had their refuse service improved by having had it handed over to a company called Serco.

Serco's solution to improve things was to order an edict stating that rubbish must now be placed in black bags which must then be covered with blankets or face a £75 fine. The blankets are to prevent seagulls ripping open the rubbish that the residents can no longer place in the caged bins at the back of their premises.

Just what visitors to Nequay are to make of piles of carpet and blanket covered rubbish in the streets is beyond me. Whilst the gulls may not be able to feed, I am sure that rats will love the extra cover provided for them. Tarpaulins should provide nice cover from the rain whist they feed. All this on top of fortnightly collections must surely be enough to make even the staunchest Labour voter think about who they are electing.

If you want weekly collections run by people you can vote out, then you need to start voting for the British National Party. The BNP know exactly how to deal with rubbish and its disposal.

Wake up. Smell the stench of corruption and uncollected rubbish.

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