Monday, 30 July 2007

The Dhimmi MP Sarah Teather

Perhaps the few remaining whites in Brent East should be learning Gujarati, as this is the main language in that part of Our Country where colonisation has almost been completed. Either that or join the white flighters to a different part of, what was once their country.

The dwarfish iLiberal democrat Dhimmi MP, Sarah Teather as announced in the Asian Image magazine that she is learning the language as a way of communicating with her block vote masters who it appears have no wish to learn English.

How easy the lies roll from her lips when she says; "Brent's diversity is one of the best things about living here. I am so proud to be part of such an exciting and unique community.

"It's important that an MP is able to represent and communicate effectively with every single one of their constituents. Lots of people aren't confident about speaking English."

What True Brit could be proud of admitting that over 55% of her constituents are not even British and do not even speak our language?

She foolishly believes that should she make the effort to learn to occupying forces language that some of them may in return condescend to learn the language of Our Country. Yep and pigs might fly. No it is more about self interest. Protecting her high salary and a pension that ordinary whites can only dream of whilst betraying her countrymen to the invaders. She should not count on keeping that pension.

So if you are a Lib/Lab/Con voter just passing through then remember that if you do not want your part of the world to become an enricher enclave then you had better start supporting the British National Party. Voting for any other party is to condemn your children into becoming strangers in a strange land. Be a man. Be a BNP activist.


Fidothedog said...

Thanks for the report on this dhimmi MP, I have just done a post on her and e-mailed her.

Anonymous said...

Brill Post Green her litle butter would not melt face really does grate me when she is on question time which seems to be more and more. She is nothing but a self seeking traitor to Britain.

Please God even just 1 BNP MP to be able to get on tele to expose these freaks who are destroying our nation.


pps got a few good replies reference Islam at School.

Hat tip to the Tangled web chap Carl Brill help.