Thursday, 5 July 2007

Your turn Scotland

The Scots - an endangered species

Not content with polluting the inner cities of Our Country, the multiculturalists who seek the destruction of the white race from these Our Islands has now launched an attack on some of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of Our Great Britain.

The Dhimmi race traitor, Carron McDiarmid of the Highland Council has launched a campaign to flood the Scottish Highlands with non English speaking immigrants.

." The council says that without newcomers, the Highland population would be in a state of decline, and wants to find ways of welcoming inward migrants, helping them settle and encouraging them to stay.

You can read the depressing rest here.

If you have any questions, then you can contact her here:-

Time to wake up Scotland. The SNP have nothing but contempt for you. Only the British National Party speaks for all parts of Our Great Britain. Join the BNP and save your Highlands and save your childrens future at the same time.


Felicity said...

A beast lives in the Highlands of Scotland that strikes terror into the heart of braver folk than Muzzies. Why do you think the Highlands are underpopulated?
Its the midge or as its breathed fearfully "the midgie".
Avon are the only company to have invented something remotely like a repellent called Skin So Soft, big butch crofters and foresters wear it by the ton........does it help?
Thats why we dont go "roaming in the gloaming" or tumbling in the heather..we know better.
The midge will see off the invaders, you'll see them running away with their own personal black cloud fizzing around their nostrils mouths and those stinking dirty beards.
They even get into Burkhas.
The Highlands are safe.

najistani said...


Midges' holy war against the muzzquitos

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Aye but even the Midgie cant get inside the Dalek suit the Mozzie child machines wear. I think we may be having to recruit the Poles to help stop the invasion of Isslime, I now call them the cult of the face being shitted out of a bears arse.

Due to the fact their stupid all around the face beards makes them look like their face is indeed being shitted out of a bears arse.

Green I never noticed this story But feel it needs to go on my site cheers big fella.