Saturday, 21 July 2007

Solidarity grows quickly in Ulster

Mourne Mountains

Having spend five years of my service life in Northern Ireland, I have a great love for that part of Great Britain and the people. It was as result of what I saw there that made me join the Nationalist movement the moment I left the forces way back in 1976.

So for me it was great news when I discovered how active the BNP were there and how their support was growing. Then today, the icing on the cake. I received the press statement below about Solidarity, the only truly patriotic trade union and its actions in Ulster.

The controversial new British Trades Union - Solidarity launched itself in the province with a massive leaflet drop over the Twelfth holiday week.

Over 10,000 recruitment leaflets were given out to marchers and onlookers at the July parades. Despite the bad weather local members found a responsive audience keen to learn more about a Union prepared to speak out on issues like off-shoring, mass migration and foreign imports.

Union representative David Kerr said:- "The Orange Order in Belfast and a number of community groups have finally come round to accept the need to re-brand the annual parades on the Twelfth as a great community festival. This has come to be called Orangefest. We feel many of those present will be receptive to our work."

Ulster members were given a boost when it was announced that David Kerr had also been appointed to the seven-member National Executive of the Union. David Kerr declared:-"Apart from my own delight at being able to assist in building this fighting Union it will help recruitment here as it shows that fellow workers on the mainland, both British and Irish, accept Ulster as an equal".


Press Release distributed by Accentuate- PR Company

If you are a British National Party member or supporter then I would urge you to stop funding marxist controlled trade unions and join the only patriotic union in all of the British Isles. Solidarity.

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Anonymous said...

A colleague who has a cottage in Ireland is totally dunbfounded by the rate of immigration there. In fact while in a local hostelry she witnessed a pitched battle between locals and Polish immigrants, though in her opinion she was more concerned by the massive influx of non whites whom she found very intimidating. She also noted a common unity between the indigenous population which had previously been hostile to each other. Could it be they find squabling over a Jewish guy that died 2000 yrs ago less important than having their country taken over by invaders who wont tolerate Christianity at all when they gain power?

The Green Arrow said...

I visit Killarney on a fairly regular basis. The changes that have taken place their are horrifying.

I just cannot believe that the Irish people have not learned the lessons from our sad experiences.