Wednesday, 25 July 2007

A Clockwork Clown

After some claret. Droogs of the Bullingdon Club about to entertain a guest

Is it just me or are the images and voice of the Diddyman David Cameron starting to grate as much as those of Tone Bliar and his crooked cow?

Mind you, Cameron is good for a laugh and the fact that he is the leader of what was once a great political party is a gift from heaven for the British National Party. Proof that the BNP are indeed the chosen party (tongue in cheek).

He rides around town on a bike that he learned to ride just weeks before coming conservative leader, followed by a convoy of cars to protect him, carry his sandwiches and put the bike in the back if his little legs get tired. He is priceless.

And now that the pubs and clubs of Oxford are flooded out, this former member of the Bullingdon Club, the exclusive gang of Old Etonians who like to get ringed right up until they have the courage to gang up and trash 15th century pubs in Oxford has fled to Africa for a free drink.

Yep. Africa, where suicidal people without the bottle to to top themselves go and become farmers so some murderous creatures will do the job for them.

Read this reply he made to a tiny audience in Rwanda when asked why wasn't he back home with his wet Oxford constituents?

"There are some people in Britain who told me not to come. They said I should stay at home and worry about domestic concerns.

"Let me tell them and let me tell you - in the 21st century, a century of global trade, global migration and global terrorism, there is no domestic and foreign. We are all in it together."

But that one statement reveals it all. Cameron and his conservatives have moved so far to the left that Karl Marx would be proud of them. Suddenly the fool is not so funny.

He also called for a complete end to trade barriers and by that he means a complete end to British Jobs - other than his and the other members of the political establishment in thrall to Global Business. What an alliance. What a traitor.

You can read more about Diddyman Daves jungle exploits here.

The British National Party has been trying to warn Our Country for years that the effects of building on flood plains would be disastrous. Perhaps more people will listen to them now.


Celtic Morning said...

"Call-me-Dave" Ca moron is a gift to the British National Party and proves that at last the Gods really must be on our side.He will be the final straw that breaks the back of the Conservative Party and allows us to pick up many of their disillusioned supporters.He has gone to visit an African country while his own constituency wallows in misery and despair and that tells us all we need to know about the idiot.But he has not gone to visit any old failing ten a penny African country,oh no.He has chosen to visit the one which offers the most convincing proof that racial issues are deadly.In Rwanda,even members of the same race could not live together,their tribal warfare descended into a bloodfest on biblical scales and if dopey Ca moron wanted any further proof then he only needed to ask himself what he was visiting when he stood in the memorial to Rwanda's orgy of rape,death and destruction.Just one thing.I hope the fool didnt go out there to ask members of the Tutsi and Huti to come visit Britain and stay for a while - say, a lifetime. We have enough to put up with now with sub civilised thousands polluting,sorry, enriching, us every day.At the next election Ca moron's stupidity will ensure another term for Labour-Gordon Brown will have him for breakfast and that should be the death throes of the Tories.We need to be ready to take over their position as what was once regarded as the natural party of power.The perfect pair. Tony Bliar and Dave Ca moron.While Bliar brings peace to the middle east maybe Ca moron will end up bringing stability,honesty,prosperity,and decency to the continent of Africa.In your dreams.Send him back to become sports master at Eton college, thats about all this terrible toff could cope with.

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Celtic. This is a depressing business. What happened to good news?

I sometimes watch the Jeremy Kyle show and despair at some of our fellow citizens. We will never be able to reach them. They are too far gone.

It will take decades to clean up this mess. Let us hope we live long enough to see the beginning of the clear up.

Felicity said...

Good morning gentlemen this is great news. As is the small snippet I heard yesterday that already 34 MP's have attempted to table a vote of No Confidence in Cameron , though they want their names witheld.
He really has ragged the Tories so far to the Left that not on e single Conservative policy remains.
I'll be glad to see the back of him.

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Felicity. And might I say on behalf of Celtic and myself how pleasant it is to have you drop in and visit us.