Monday, 30 July 2007

The Fire Brigade Union and the BNP

The Fire Brigade Union dishonours the memories of these men

The Fire Brigade Union as said that the British National Party's Red White and Blue festival should be banned. This is the undemocratic union that does not allow British National Party members to become firemen in case they would not save non whites.

"We, along with many others, have tried hard in recent years to promote good relations between people of different races. That work could be undermined by the holding of a festival celebrating racist ideology."

Well the BNP happen to know that very many firemen support the BNP and that some are secret members and are disappointed that they cannot attend the event because in our fascist state they must remain anonymous.

The Fire Brigade, over the years, like the police force, as become increasingly politicised and is now more concerned with promoting multiculturalism and attending homosexual parades then fighting fires. They would do well to remember this poem and look at the image above that I took whilst attending a memorial service for firemen who have given theirs lives serving their community.

A Fireman's Prayer

When I am called to duty,
Whenever flames may rage;

Give me strength to save some life,

Whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late
Or save an older person From the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert And hear the weakest shout,
And quickly and efficiently To put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling And to give the best in me
To guard my every neighbor
And protect his property.

And if, according to my fate,
I am to lose my life,
Please bless with your protecting My children and my wife.


Anonymous said...

Its very odd that the Firepeople's (is that the right PC term?) union are objecting to the BNP's festival.

I believe that BNP members are not allowed to join the Fire Service because (so it is alleged) they will not want to fight fires in the homes of immigrants with the same kind of zeal as they use elsewhere.(Or some such pathetic, vindictive excuse for getting at the BNP)

Are we now to assume, as seems only right, that those who are opposed to the BNP should not be allowed to join the Fire Service on the basis that they will not fight fires at BNP gatherings with their usual zeal?

If so, all Union members will be disbarred.

Once you start interfering with people's rights to employment for political reasons, there is no end to it.

Anonymous said...

Firemen on the ground have nothing to do with this, they were at Kings X they were united in solidartity with the NY fioremen who were sacrificed at the Tein Towers. They know who the enemy is but they must keep silent. When did you ever hear of a Union made up of the rank and file? Go one Union not infiltrated by Hard Left Stooges?