Thursday, 5 July 2007

Nick Bourne - Guilty

That creature, Nick Bourne, the Leader of the Conservatives in that trough of public money, the Welsh Assembly has been found guilty by the Commissioner for Standards.

You might remember this post, where it was revealed what high esteem Mr Bourne held the BNP in. He also implied that it was a criminal organisation.

Naturally enough some people, including myself saw fit to complain about this representative of the people of Wales. Today emails have been landing on the virtual desks of the complainants all ending with the following paragraph...................

I have carefully considered paragraph 4 (b) of the Code of Conduct together with the representations received from all parties. I have concluded that the website entry published by Nick Bourne has caused offence to a number of people. In doing so, Nick Bourne’s conduct is in breach of Paragraph 4(b) of the Code of Conduct for Assembly Members and is therefore a breach of Standing Order 16.1(i)(d).

Richard Penn

Commissioner for Standards

June 28 2007

What happens now I have no idea. But that should wipe the smile of the pink doughnut as he is known amoungst the members of the Welsh Assembly. Why is he called that? No idea.


BFB said...

”. so long as the BNP act within the law ( and they often do not )……”

EVIDENCE, Mr Bourne?

I don't often use swear words on other people's blog's, but in your case your mother was a w**re and your wife surely frequented the company of n***ers!

Have I hit the preverbial nail on the head, Nick?

Celtic Morning said...

Nick Bourne always struck me as a wierd character but i didnt know he plays on the pink oboe . There should be enough of them in tr tri axis of evil parties in Wales to easily start their own orchestra .