Wednesday, 11 July 2007

For Keith Brown

We vow to bring the politicians who have brought multiculturalism to Our Country arrested, tried and punished.

Hat tip: Daffy Duck


Anonymous said...

"In the Hall of Valhalla there is much feasting, fighting and the women are fat and comely. You will need your broadsword, your drinking cup and your hound to hunt with. The daughters of Odin welcome heroes."

Frederick said...

I'm totally frustrated by the media silence on this, and yes the lack of info coming from the BNP itself.
I understand that there may be legal complications (fave BBC excuse to stifle news)but apart from Nationalist sites spreading the word and a paragraph on 24dash there is absolutely nothing.
I'd have liked an open letter from Nick Griffin saying something, anything to keep those of us in groups scattered around isolated parts of the country up to speed.

johnofgwent said...

There is but one god, and Mjollnir (with TWO l's) is his hammer.

A little slogan I had translated into norse runes, and then printed on a T Shirt I wore all over Naarma Bay and Sharm El Sheik.

Lastmanstanding said...

Although I never met you, sleep well Brother. One day when we finally all wake up, your death will be avenged.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Let us all fight harder and stand stronger so his death is never forgotten, never again will our voices be silent. I think the BNP should ask his family if we can turn up on masse. This man will be an Icon and his family will know he will never be forgotten.
Slain by the enemy in his own homeland that his forefathers helped to fight for, and build. Keith Brown’s death will not be in vain, and my sympathy is with his family.
Come on Nick lets do something for his family, they need our support.
Too the Muslims we don’t want you here go home. You are not part of our country and never will be. Go back to your heathen pits.