Sunday, 10 June 2007

Moslem Creatures abuse soldier in Birmingham Hospital

Female Suicide Dalek. If a Dalek can do this. It can do anything. Keep them out of hospitals where Our Soldiers are recovering.

The Black Daleks of Death have sunk to a new low. A British Army Company Sergeant Major, Neil Powell was surround and heckled by three of the bitches from the Cult of The Dead Paedophile as he visited troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan in a Birmingham Hospital.

This bastard Government has already shown its contempt for our men who are being crippled or killed because of Blairs illegal war by closing down our Military Hospitals and then endangering our troops with by putting them in NHS Wards where they face either contracting MRSA or by being attacked by a cult of people who should not even be in Our Country.

Now yet again one of our troops has to suffer the indignity of being abused by these creatures who are not even a part of our country but an alien growth that was transplanted onto the British Patient without our consent.

A colleague said: "He is normally a very placid character, a gentle giant. But he was fuming, understandably, after what happened.

"He couldn’t believe it. CSM Powell just had to stand and take abuse from these screaming and very aggressive women. I don’t think a guy would have got away with it.

"A lot of soldiers are worried that something more serious could happen. There isn’t much security here."

The Labour Bitch MP for Selly Oak, Lyne Jones, refusing calls for more secure facilities for our wounded men had this to say;

"The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom." .

Pray God if there is another bomb, then may she be sat next to the Moslem Madman who sets it off.

I cannot write anymore. I am too f****** angry. Whilst this happens to our troops, the stupid dumb sheep of the average British Person is more concerned about what is happening in Big Brother or watching a cretln called Jeremy Kyle.

Get of your knees and help the British National Party clean this mess up and bring to trial the bastards who have brought us to this. You might also like to read this from a previous article about the disgusting comments from that disgusting rag known as The Daily Mirror.


Rastaman said...

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Rastaman said...

BTW, don't let my false name and pic fool you. I have my fun with it but there are times I think I shouldn't have...

Anonymous said...

I've tried commenting a few times on your site but it wont let me for some reason

Anonymous said...

It's letting me now :0{

Celtic Morning said...

GA , we are all F...... angry but it does no good . We must get even , not angry . How are we to do this when the bulk of the British population seem to accept any shit that comes their way ? The Labour MP should be out of office after making such a comment but I expect her majority relies on a huge moslem vote so she is careful to pander to them .I dont think I am so much angry , as demoralised that citizens of this once proud nation now do nothing while their land is taken from them and they are daily humiliated . My friend , a younger man than me , never knew his father . His mother was pregnant when her husband was killed in the first batch of troops which went ashore on the Normandy beaches and all he ever knew of his father was a few faded photographs . There are so many with tragic tales to tell of MEN & WOMEN who gave their all for us . Look what we have done to repay them . Wipe away tears of sorrow and anger , thats a luxury we cant afford . Be calm and plot and plan for the day when we take a sweet revenge from our invaders and traitor politicians .

najistani said...

What is the point of all the security and CCTV in hospitals if such Scummah in 'traditional asian dress' (walking tents) are free to wander around unidentified and unidentifiable from ward to ward unplugging life support systems, killing babies, sabotaging gamma sources, contaminating blood supplies, swapping drugs, exhausting oxygen cylinders, spreading MRSA, anthrax, TB, bubonic plague etc.

Ban Burkas from hospitals. The NHS has enough problems without these vermin.

British National Party member said...

GA, i understand that anger, and used to feel it - i think it was 50% hair pulling frustration and 50% anger.

Im not angry at the British public any more, really, because i think i have come to understand the both the power of suggestion and the power of the media over years and months.

Yourself, fulham reactionary and Mr smith are my three favourite nationalist blogs, blogs that i check up on mostly every day. And that anger at the British people in this post i sympathised with but it seems out of place to me, its not your usual style.

Im reading a book i got out from the library called "you are being lied too", with a real rag tag mix of very interesting writers in it. The first, largest section is all about the power of the media, and i wish i could share it with you. What you have to realise, and its hard, but what you have to realise is that most people really dont see what we see. Its like they have been inoculated.

Check out these essays for starters, especially the first one, as that has some mind blowing facts. Both of these are taken from the book i mentioned;

If you get angry at people, they wont listen to you. If you are going to get angry at anyone, get angry at those who knowingly lie to your people from cradle to grave, engineering their thoughts.

Here's another interesting and very chilling, very very chilling article, called "The media and their atrocities", from the same book, detailing the lies we were fed which led us to go to war with the Serbians.

johnofgwent said...

Let's see what the apparatchick parachuted into Newport East has to say. I've just sent this via 'faxyourmp'


Jessica Morden MP
Newport East

Monday 11 June 2007

Dear Jessica Morden,

I have recently been made aware of a rather interesting incident that took place at Selly Oak Hospital, to which British troops returning injured from Tony Blair's little adventures are being sent for treatment.

It seems a welfare officer visiting the injured troops were heckled by three women in what were described as traditional islamist dress.

Commenting on the incident, it seems your fellow party member, the elected representative for Selly Oak, Lynne Jones, refused to back calls for more secure facilities for troops. She is quoted as saying "The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom".

Now I have seen more than a little of the Health Service over the last year or two, not least because when my father, terminally ill with prostate cancer, was told that he could not be admitted to a hospice bed for palliative care until 9am Monday morning, and that if he were admitted instead to Velindre for treatment of the pain he would lose that hospice bed. So he sat on his sofa in his living room all Saturday and most of Sunday. And when the pain finally caused him to break down at 11pm on Sunday Night he was taken by ambulance to Heath Hospital, where he was left to die for a fortnight in a filthy room, whose bins were not emptied and whose floor was not swept for all of the last week he was there, and whose walls still had the holes in them left when the central heating system installed when I WORKED there as a research biochemist in the 70's were replaced in the late 90's.

So yes I have rather more insight into what you and your government have done to the health service. And I suspect the people your party leader's wars have maimed are treated little better than my father was.

So I wondered whether you too subscribe to the belief that in calling for injured troops to be given more secure facilities in which to receive treatment, so they - and your government - are spared from finding out the hard way that the next fully robed islamist protestor is able to throw something more substantial than abusive insults, the army are seeking to establish 'their own little fiefdom'.

Yours sincerely,


British National Party member said...

Im sorry to hear about your Father, but brilliant letter. Do post any response - in fact i think they are supposed to give you one by law, aren't they? Certainly they are if you are (or they believe you are) a constituent.

johnofgwent said...

Thank you for emailing me. As the Member of Parliament for Newport East, I receive many emails, letters and faxes each day and each one will be responded to as soon as possible.

If you are a constituent it is helpful if you could send details including address, postcode, telephone number, email address and any relevant reference numbers if you have not done so in your original email.

I may need to make enquiries on your behalf, including checks with statutory bodies to help you in your case. Please state if you do not authorise me to do so.

Please note parliamentary rules mean I can only take up cases for constituents of Newport East.

Many thanks for your email and I will be in touch with you soon. If you need further assistance please contact a member of my team in London on 0207 219 6135 or in Newport on 01633 841725.


Jessica Morden
Member of Parliament for Newport East

Guy Macher said...

I am appalled by the apathy of most people and by the treason of most of our rulers.

I am not going to live as a dhimmi. When the fighting starts, I will be looking for the traitors who allowed this to happen to my family, my country, my culture.