Saturday, 16 June 2007

Uprising. What uprising?

The Enemy Within - What have we done?

I am not to sure about the damp squid of an uprising carried out by less than two hundred followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile, yesterday in Londonistan. Despite large numbers of posters put up in all the Moslem enclaves throughout Our Country, the turnout was pathetic. Why? Just a few words from their local Cult Leaders and Britain would have been burning.

I suspect that the Death Eaters are saving themselves for something a little bit bigger. Things have been quiet, too quiet. And whilst this might reassure our corrupt politicians and their in pocket media outlets, it should give cause for concern to those who know how the Moslems operate.

A demonstration along the lines of the Cartoon Riots would have been another warning to the sleeping British People that would have finally forced them out of their stupor. The Moslems are not quite ready. Be Prepared.

You can get a first hand report over on Battle For Britain who went down to town to check it out and have a few beers with the boys. Thanks for that Battler. There is also a video over on the Covert site which you might like to view.

Not long now and you will have to decide whether to join with the men and women of the British National Party or one day hang your head in shame. Join the BNP now.

There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.


Anonymous said...

I think it had a fair bit to do with the fact the goat rapers wouldn't have the streets to themselves this time. It was adverytised everywhere, including a few sites where our footie fans like to meet, chat and discuss guys who fancy six year old girls.
Not the kind of odds your average camel humper likes.
They like a blindfolded handcuffed white guy on a video with six or seven wankers in hoods with machetes and AK47's.
the march wouldn't have been to their liking at all.

Anonymous said...

Now I REALLY liked the angle thsese guys put on the Downing Street protest.

"This apparently, means that Muslims should protest against British Oppression outside Downing Street, although this is likely to have to be outside the fortress gates of Downing Street, rather than immediately outside the front door of number 10, if it even gets that far because Downing Street happens to be part of an exclusion zone that prevents the population of the UK from protesting against anything, much less British Oppression, anywhere near Parliament or Downing Street without first having obtained express permission for so doing.

Of course, there is nothing oppressive about having to obtain express permission from the very State against whom you wish to protest, unless it happens in some far off land such as Uzbekistan.

Doublethink is good for you and better for your country."