Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Book Burnings start in Malaysia

The real reason non Moslems are not allowed into Mecca

Poor sad Malaya. They have not actually started burning books yet but they are very close to it now as they slip closer to edge of the Islamic pit of hell.

The Malaysian Internal Security Ministry has published a a list of 37 banned books on the grounds that they could undermine the faith of Moslems. The truth has a way of doing that.

The banned book titles and publications published in English, should you wish to read them are:

  • Unveiled At Last: Bob Sjogren (YWAM Publishing, United States);
  • The Last of the Giants: George Otis Jr (Fleming H.Revell, US);
  • Inside the Community: Understanding Muslims Through Their Traditions: Phil Parshall (Baker Books, US);
  • Now You Can Know What Muslims Believe: (Ministries to Muslims, US);
  • Blind Following of Madhhabs: Shaykh Muhammad Sultaan (Al-Hidaayah Publishing, United Kingdom);
  • My Journey from The Christianity of Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah To The Islam Of The Prophet: Saim Bakar;
  • Answering Islam The Crescent in Light of the Cross: Norman L Geisler, Abdul Saleeb (Baker Books, US);
  • Islam in Context Past, Present and Future: Peter G. Riddell, Peter Cotterell (Baker Academic, US);
  • Feminism and Islamic Fundamentalism, The Limit of Post-modern Analysis: Haideh Moghissi (Zed Books Ltd, UK);
  • Islam At The Crossroads, Understanding Its Beliefs, History and Conflicts: Paul Marshall, Roberta Green, Lela Gilbert (Baker Books, US);
  • Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friends: Samy Tanagho (Authentic Media, US);
  • The Fifth Pillar A Spiritual Pilgrimage: David Zeidan (Piquant, Great Britain);
  • Heart of the Koran by Lex Hixton (The Theosophical Publishing House, US);
  • The Life and Times of Muhammad: Sir John Glubb (Madison Books, US);
  • Inside Islam The Faith, The People and The Conflicts of the World's Fastest Growing Religion (Marlowe & Company, US);
  • Jesus and Muhammad Profound Differences and Suprising Similarities: Mark A. Gabriel (Charisma House,US);
  • Nine Parts of Desire The Hidden World of Islamic Women: Geraldine Brooks (Anchor Books, US);
  • Introducing Islam: The Basics: Kim Whiteheads (Mason Crest Publishers, Jordan);
  • Introducing Islam: Islam, Christianity and Judaism: Dorothy Kavanaugh (Mason Crest, Jordan);
  • Murder in the Name of Allah: Hazrat Mirza, Tahir Ahmad (Lutterworth Press, Great Britain); and,
  • The New Paths in Muslim Evangelism, Evangelical, Approaches to Contextualization (Baker Book House, US).
What a nice bonfire they shall make. Will they find a Christan "Guy" for the flames?

Rest assured if our Dhimmi government thought it could get away with it, they would be banned here also. Stop book burning happening in Our Country. Support the British National Party.



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