Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The trouble with Shambo

Try not to breath on me whilst I take your photo.

Well it looks as though the fix is in to ensure that the pampered piece of meat called Shambo is spared to continue spreading T.B. to all who comes to pat its cute little head.

Just a few day ago on IC Wales, the news site that likes to ban comments from British National Party supporters for speaking the truth, the Welsh Assembly laid the first plank of the fix by publishing the following;

Veterinary expert David Taylor also put the risk of Shambo infecting the public or the farming community at “less than zero”.

However they called a spectacular own goal when the went on with a follow up piece yesterday and said;

The risk of people contracting TB from cattle in Great Britain is considered very low.

At present, less than 1% of all confirmed cases of TB in humans are due to infection with M. bovis

Well according to my research from sites like HealthServiceTalk, I make that 1% to be about a 1000 people a year are going to be coughing their lungs up and choking for breath.

But that 1% is dependent on infected animals which spread the disease by breathing - and we all breath - being culled. Is Shambo in a self contained environment bubble with his own air supply? Watch that 1% grow.

T.B. kills 2 million people around the world each year. Our Country is under attack from a disease we had almost eradicated untill we allowed multiculturalism to destroy our defences. Remember this post about immigrants to get special treatment at the expense of our elderly. Better look after them. They are the future.


JohnOfGwent has posted a reply from the authorities with regards to Shambo's health.

Makes interesting reading as does JOGs point about there being no difference between a cow being kept as a pet and a cow being kept as a God. Keep an eye on JOGs site. It is going to be big.

Get with the programme. Get with the British National Party. Join the BNP now.


Britlord said...

Over on the Daily mail website they have an article about Sir Isaac Newton. Apparently he predicted the end of the world would be in the year 2060.

Just out of curiosity isn’t that when the BNP predicted we would become a minority in our own country and the new majority Moslem?

What a coincidence. That’s quite spooky.


Anonymous said...

Now let's suppose Im in the next farm to Shambo and one of my herd is found to have TB.
If I remove it immediately to a secure and isolated area where treatment and strict bio security measures are put into action will I be allowed to save that animal from slaughter?
You know the answer.
Will the answer be because the creature is a great threat to humans and other livestock? or because I'm, shock horror, an indigenous white christian?
Sorry, no prizes for all correct answers.
What a state we have fallen to, no, dragged down to.
Double standards must be upheld at all costs!
Y'all have a nice day now,

Anonymous said...

Green get bloody studying you book dodger. Brill posts again.

Good write up in the Daily express backing everything the BNP have been saying for years I am reading paper at the moment. And will use this at my first speech next month at offical North East Meeting.

Aberdeen WED

English Rose said...

How Lovely xx

johnofgwent said...

They can't ban us all you know...


The information quoted by this vet flies straight in the face of the information sent to me by a 'member of the TB team' which I posted on my own blog site. Feel free to lift and use the details.