Wednesday, 13 June 2007

EU warns Sarkozy not to block Turkey

The Tolerance of the Turks

As is usual with Islamic Countries that are polished in the ways of diplomacy, Turkey who has already threatened France not to try and block their attempts to be the final wedge of Islam into Europe are threatening again.

Their front man this time for warning us to listen to their demands or else, is unelected European Commissioner Oily Rehn who said in Mondays Daily Telegraph:

"The greatest challenge of our time is the relationship between Europe and Islam, or more widely between the West and Islam," he said. "Turkey is an anchor of stability in the most unstable region of the world, in the wider Middle East. It is a benchmark for democracy for the Muslim world from Morocco to Malaysia."

This Ivory Tower unelected politician blindly ignores the increasing attacks on tourists and Christians by the Cult of the Dead Paedophile followers in that Country that is only stopped from slipping into the complete hell of Sharia Law by the military who are trying to maintain the countries secularism.

So what can we expect if we do not cave in to the demands for the creation of Eurabia. Well we can expect a clash of civilizations he warns us. I say bring it on.

Try not to really spit on your monitor when you check out this previous post and do not forget to sign the petition. If you would like to know more about the plans for the creation of Eurabia as a step to a one world government, read this.

So what is it be? Servile Dhimmitude or resistance. If resistance then join the ranks of the British National Party and help in the new Battle For Britain. Join the BNP now.


Anonymous said...

A few Brits with more money than sense have bought up property cheaply in Turkey, promote it as a fantastic holiday destination and generally provide Turkey wioth millions of GBP every year in renovations of wrecks and for services.
Its entirely possible that the luxury rooftop gardens will be seized and enjoyed by the Muzzies when they decide to kill or expel the infidel.
Money well spent Mr and Mrs ex-pat?

Prophet Mo said...

Why has that wanton harlot with the banner got her face uncovered?
Her father and brothers should feel shame and deal with her the Islamic way.

Mike said...

Oh she will feel their wrath Mo, just as soon as they've succeeded in convincing the looopy Left how "moderate" they are by allowing this little Islamic indulgence for our benefit.
She'll be burka.ed up in no time, recieve a few hundred lashes and that'll be the end of it.
(the poster will be publicly beheaded though.........unless she breast feeds it first of course?)

Anonymous said...

All them Moslem sluts exposing far two much flesh to be decent, Bare faces and hands and I am sure a couple have Lippy on trying to bring attention to their infidel cock sucking mouths. I bet they all have love eggs inserted as well, so they can gain sexual relief thinking of Richard Gere as they walk around, they even have headbands on so you can get a grip as you dig your cock into them from behind.

He He W he E he D

Nikola said...

Turkey spent centuries trying to fight their way into Europe, now they are going to be welcomed in with open arms like a Trojan horse. The only difference to Greek mythology is in that the keepers of the gates are traitors, and not honestly mistaken.