Tuesday, 5 June 2007

"Nobody running UK" While Prescott ill and Blair away.

Sad Man Learning

So Blair is away being elevated to the status of Chief of Bong Bongo land or somewhere else and the dumpling that passes as the Deputy Prime Minister is in hospital having either overdosed on truffles or he may have suffered a stroke, resting his belly on some dull, stupid bimbo who does not see a sad old pig who is about to be removed from his trough but a bronzed Adonis - who could help her career.

Well personally I think it excellent that nobody is running the country. In fact it would have been better for the Country if they had both gone of and played croquet for the last 10 years. In fact the sooner both Blair and Prescott are dead the better.....

What has become of me?.. Wishing people dead? Well Prescott has fed off the poor British People for far too long and given nothing in return. His demise would save a few pounds and as for Bliar. We all know his crimes.

The sooner the dumpling and the duplicitous liar are up there with that sad old Queen whose tomb I intend to urinate on before I die - Ted Heath. the better.

A government can be compared to our lungs. Our lungs are best when we don't realize they are helping us breathe. It is when we are constantly aware of our lungs that we know they have come down with an illness.


Anonymous said...

UK citizenship 'earned by points'

Ms Kelly says debate is needed on earned citizenship
Migrants would have to "earn" British citizenship under a points-based system to be proposed by two ministers.

Great stuff!!
sounds like Bruce Forsyth is a consultant for HMG, well Bliars government is a game show anyway, churning out the same old tat with another spin on it.
We need to switch off!! Roll on the general erection, sorry I mean election, I was thinking of all the cock-ups they produce.

Cllr Lawrence Rustem said...

There is only one man fit enough to run the UK

Anonymous said...

Here's a site worth a read GA, maybe even a link on your site.


Anonymous said...

The Council of Europe has recently put out a document that lays down the law on immigrant assimilation…against it, that is. Astounding dhimmitude. Oh Europe how quickly you’re flushing down the proverbial. Here’s an excerpt:

Without prejudice to measures taken in pursuance of their general integration policy, the Parties shall refrain from policies or practices aimed at assimilation of persons belonging to national minorities against their will and shall protect these persons from any action aimed at such assimilation…

The Parties shall encourage a spirit of tolerance and inter cultural dialogue and take effective measures to promote mutual respect and understanding and co-operation among all persons living on their territory, irrespective of those persons’ ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious identity, in particular in the fields of education, culture and the media.

Refrain from policies aimed at assimilation? Europe is a dead man walking. May the rest of us take note from the certain disaster which is to follow this idiocy. Not content with the shambles seen in Malmo, Sweden and pre-Sarkozy Paris, the E.U. wants to go all the way.

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