Sunday, 3 June 2007

Moslems are barking mad

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Lets call a spade a spade here. Moslems are barking mad. So complete is their brainwashing that they will lie, cheat and kill without compassion to advance their cult in the world.

Truth and tolerance are not concepts that they can relate to and when we in the west observe the insane behavior of them in the countries that they now control and then continue to let their disease flourish in our midst, we reveal how insane our leaders are.

In Pakistan, a country that supposedly allows religious freedom we continually get stories such as this one I am about to relate.

Well, we know that the zombies have to do everything according to their book, even down to cutting their toe nails and how to eat a zebra. Now a nursing school has been closed down and its Christian principal and four students have been suspended and likely face charges for allegedly desecrating verses from the Quaran.

By all accounts some Moslem nurses protested that verses from their holy book of hell about how to drink water had been erased from a wall. Leaving aside the fact that so brain dead are these people that they need instructions on how to drink water, it obvious to the world that this is a trumped up charge in order to attack Christianity.

There is no cure for these sick puppies, infected with the rabies of Islam. What would you do with a diseased animal? Well nothing if it is a sacred cow called Shambo but in a sane world you would have them and Shambo put down?

You can read the details here but what depresses me is the fact that this madness is not justt coming to Our Country but is already happening now.

Islam is a vicious cancer spreading through the body of Our Country. We need a surgeon with the courage to cut it out. That surgeon is the British National Party. Give them the chance to operate and save Our Patient, Our Country.


Dee said...

Excellent post, GA. Love the pic and the heading. It would be interesting to hear sometime about the steps the BNP would take. Sarkozy's had some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

You can forget any chance of Sarkozy taking France back for the French. Sarkozy looks and sounds like a bought man to me. France is finished.
We are next, the change is well underway.
Here are some members of your new rulers having a fun day out in Iraq.

You can stop it if you stop doing this