Friday, 15 June 2007

Motorway Service Stations to get Moslem Prayer Rooms

She really wanted to be a Christian but her family would have Nun of it.

As we know, the Moslems like to travel. It gives them the opportunity to rape, loot and pillage before moving on to greener pasture when the last land they have infested, collapses under the disease of Sharia Law that follows them like vultures following a dying animal.

Hilton Park services have installed a specially designated room for the sole use of traveling turnips on their drug runs who find the need for privacy to do their deals. And what better than a private prayer room complete with ablutions in case the need to flush the white stuff away arises?

A fringe benefit is that it may also be used by the increasing numbers of zombies as they move to new areas to infest and continue their take-over of Our Country.

I think a nice gesture now by the Service Stations would be to set up private cow sheds so that the Hindu's may refresh their sacred cows as they travel the country on their sacred mission of spreading T.B. Yep, Shambo is still with us. He will die of old age before the Welsh Assembly upholds the Law and defends the health of the British People.

Are your eyes open yet? They are. Good. Now get along to the nearest BNP branch and go help your fellow citizens reclaim Our Country.

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