Friday, 15 June 2007

"A fool, a fool! I met a fool"

"A fool, a fool! I met a fool"

Bob Piper is the loud mouthed Labour Councillor for the Abbey Ward in Sandwell, West Midlands. I have had occasion to point out his faults a few times, as have many other BNP people.

But it is like trying to educate a dead frog. Impossible. Bob is a fanatical Jon Crudass supporter and therefore by association obviously supports the plundering of the public purse.

He is also one of those people, who when safely in the castle, pulls up the drawbridge behind him. Read his latest bit of bile on his excuse for a blog.

I live on the border of Sandwell and Birmingham, and people here are very sensitive about 'the Brummies' coming in and stealing their homes, jobs and women. I've lived in Sandwell for nearly 30 years and I'm still regarded as a visitor from what they describe as 'over there' with a nod in the direction of the City. With the possible exception of 'cockneys' (who are defined strictly as anybody south of Coventry) there is no-one the people of Sandwell trust less than 'the Brummies'.... although a special loathing is reserved for the 'dingles' from Wolverhampton.

They used to say that if you saw a bloke in a factory doing nothing, he was probably from Walsall. If you saw a bloke in the factory with his hands in his pockets, he was from Wolverhampton, but if he had his hands in someone else's pockets.... then he was a brummie.

Anyway, on 20th July, as with the rest of the year, I'll be talking proper

If he thinks the people of Sandwell are sensitive about the White Flighters arriving, wait until the Mosques and Minarets start popping up like unwanted toadstools. Bob wont be a councillor for long then.

In fact the article looks more than a tad racist to me. I wonder what the Standard Board for England would make of it. If you think that Bob's remarks deserve investigation then the link to follow is this one here. These are just a couple of the acts, the Standard board frowns on.

  • unlawfully discriminating against someone
  • failing to treat people with respect
  • damaging the reputation of their office or authority
If I was a Brummie I would be reaching for pen and paper. Complaints have to be made in writing.

Poor old Bob. Obviously went to the same school of politics as that other clown John (bursting waistcoat) Prescott. Never mind the BNP will clean his mess up one day and Bob will be history.

Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.


Bob Piper said...

you're a clown, and if you had half an ounce of sense you would have worked out that I am a brummie.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Bob, thanks for dropping in. I left a comment on your site asking about your support for Jon Crudass in view of his dodgy expense claims.

I also asked you about the drop in Labour membership. Remember you were gentleman enough to insult my Mother.

I might be missing something, but nowhere in your comment above can I see any answers to my question.

Let us just see what the Standards Board says. I have one Tory Scalp. A Labour one would be nice.

"A fool, a fool. I met a fool."

Celtic Morning said...

Well done Ga ,you rattled his cage and he responded with abuse , typical reaction from the lib/lab/leftie/commies as they see their dream of multi culti utopia and racial intergration descend into hell for the British working classes - their main supporters over the years . If this is The Pipers Lament and its the best he can do then he might as well lay down his cause now . Its hardly Flowers of the Forest . Away for the weekend , combining business with pleasure , here's a Labour joke , its old but I dont know how well known it is .
The Labour Party have changed their emblem from a rose to a condom as it more accurately reflects their governments political stance . a condom allows for inflation , halts production , destroys the next generation , protects a bunch of p..... and gives you a sense of security whilst you are actually being f....d .

The Green Arrow said...

Good Morning Celtic.

Have a real good weekend. Have a think about blogging or if you wish to put your toes in the water first, then be a co-author on the Green Arrow until your ready.

Drop me an email if you prefer.

Anonymous said...

So a brummie is a thieving pickpocket, eh ?

I seem to recall several MP's being hauled over the coals and several people denied their 'above the law' status - including the Anne Droid - being hauled off into police cells for the night for making remarks remarks of a like kind about the welsh.

Now we all know that brummies ARE thieves because after all they've stolen our bloody water from the elan valley, but lets face it the sort of people who sit on those commissions aren't the sort of people who let the truth stand in the way of a good witch-burning, so go for it, I say.

Nationalist14 said...

I’m afraid that Mr Piper appears to have that socialist affliction, namely an inability to permit free speech. I commented on his excuse for a blog, unsurprisingly it has yet to appear. Perhaps I struck a nerve with the odious Mr Piper, I had assumed from his post that he was originally a “brummie” albeit 30 years ago. His remarks then, are really quite disloyal to his own, whether that be the people of Birmingham, or by his socialism the indigenous people of these isles. He has managed to insult, not just the people of Birmingham, but Wolverhampton and Walsall as well, can we really expect anything less from members of the insidious left. Thank you Green Arrow. Nat 14 (a proud brummie)

Felicity said...

When he's finished perusing the Liars Buggers and Thieves blogspot and caught up with old mates he can get back to slagging off the BNP......might take a while though.
Horrible grasping man with his socialist snout in the trough.